A celebrity stylist’s genius tips for dressing while pregnant

by Aimee Jakes |

Now there is a human growing inside of you, your body starts to go through some weird/fun/stressful changes. Yes, there is a growing bump to contend with, but there is also bigger boobs, swollen ankles and hormones making you want to snack on lemon-smothered cheese at 2am.

Your changing body is not always a comfortable one, both physically and psychologically, and this is likely to play havoc with your wardrobe...

... expect to say goodbye to the majority of your clothes for nine months!

In fact, a massive seven in 10 women said they 'feel unfashionable and frumpy during pregnancy' according to research conducted by Canary Wharf's Spring Fashion Weekend.

With that in mind, celebrity stylist Aimee Croysdill reveals her top ten tops to maternity fashion (and we recommend bookmarking this page immediately!)

1. Start from the very beginning

The right underpinnings can make a world of difference. There are so many ways of constructing an outfit from your current wardrobe without having to buy all maternity. Save money and buy the right bras, long vests, bump bandeau etc. It will give you increased confidence and it provides a good foundation for your clothes.

2. Maternity jeans are your friend

Like most of us, you probably have a favourite pair of jeans and your expanding waistline means they have reluctantly gone to the back of the wardrobe. Fear not, there are a multitude of washes and fits to match your favourite pair of non-maternity jeans.

3. Visit your local dry cleaners

 If you don't want to spend money on new everything then take your favourite jeans to a tailor/local dry cleaner and add in elastic panels to the sides. This can be undone again by the tailor after pregnancy. It will also stop you from feeling like you have to wave goodbye to all your best trousers for over nine months.

4. You don’t have to live in flats

Look for a comfortable pair of mid-height heels to elongate your body. Sock boots are so comfy and give an amazing illusion of longer slimmer legs.

5. Don't ever feel the pressure...

...to show off your bump or figure. If you want to go oversized, hide away and be cosy then go big on top and balance that with skinny on the leg.

6. Comfort is key

Buy bra back extenders to ease the pressure on your bump as most people find their ribcage expands. Wear cotton crop tops to sleep as they will help your changing bust feel supported but not suffocated.

7. Layering! Layering! Layering!

It's is such a great way to distract from showing the in-between phase when you could just look like you've eaten one too many bowls of pasta! Duster coats, trench coats and anything floaty and lightweight that you can wear indoors will make you feel sharp and dressed up even if you are wearing your oversized baby daddy’s t-shirt underneath!

8. Crisp white shirts are a key fashion staple.

Buy one in a few sizes up or borrow your man’s shirt. Hang/pull it over your shoulders and button up to just above your chest to distract from the bump. Show off that amazingly radiant skin of yours!

9. Statement earrings are a big fashion trend.

There are so many amazing ones on the high street that are really affordable. Earrings can be a great way to distract from your ever growing bust. You could be wearing your most comfortable outfit and glitz it up with an earring. After all your ears are probably the one thing that doesn't change during pregnancy.

10. And finally!

This is unrelated to clothes, but all about feeling good which is all under the same bracket. Go and treat yourself to a pregnancy massage. This will release the tension in your body and you’ll feel excited to wear something other than leggings in the morning. Our hair can change a lot during pregnancy. Pop to your nearest hair salon or DIY it at home with a vitamin/conditioning mask and you'll feel a million dollars.

The Canary Wharf Spring Fashion Weekend launches free to the public Friday 6th April, running until Sunday 8thApril. The event also features a series of catwalks, which include dedicated maternity looks, as well as exclusive discounts of up to 25 per cent off a range of stores, including Sandro, Whistles, Wolford, Karen Millen, L.K.Bennett and Monica Vinader.

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