Does my bump look big in this? How to embrace your pregnancy style

Does my bump look big in this? How to embrace your pregnancy style

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Pregnancy is a magical and exciting time, but for many women the ever-changing new body shape can become a real stress when it comes to pregnancy style.

With so many maternity brands and styles out there - how do you know which will work best for you?

As a mum of two little ones who had rather enormous bumps in both pregnancies, here are my five top tips for embracing your new shape and feeling fabulous during your pregnancy.

Adapt the trends

ASOS Maternity Dungarees

Let’s face it, fashion changes like the weather, and the majority of ‘here and now’ fashions are not pregnancy friendly. Instead of trying to squeeze into this seasons ‘must haves’, use the ideas from the top trends and adapt them to suit your new figure.

Take key trend pieces and add them to your regular maternity wear. On-trend jewellery, jackets, hair and make-up will make any maternity outfit right up to date.

Luckily, this season is all about the dungarees - the pregnancy uniform of the 70’s.

If you can’t find maternity dungarees, simply invest in a bigger size that’ll accommodate your growing bump, and team with long maternity tops and this season’s must-have faux-fur gilet.

You’ll get lots of wear out of them during and post pregnancy, and feel comfortable and bang on trend too.

(Dungarees: £65,

A bump band will help you stick to your own style

Mothercare bump band

Just because your body is changing, doesn’t mean your own individual style has to. Dress in what you love, what you like and what makes you feel comfortable.

If T-shirts and denim jackets are your thing, don’t think that being pregnany means you have to suddenly dress differently. Shop your own style.

You don’t have to buy maternity wear either. There are some great bump bands that make your regular tops appear longer, or mix maternity with regular clothes to make your own style last.

(Bump Band: £12,

Love your bump!

topshop maternity bodycon dress black

That lovely bump is here for a whole nine months, so it’s good to show it some love.

It’s tempting to hide away in big baggy jumpers and shirts - but these can actually make you look bigger rather than pregnant.

Stretchy dresses and tops will pinch in at the right places and make your bump look fantastic.

Embrace that gorgeous bump - be proud of what you are doing! You human-making genius you.

(Maternity Bodycon Dress: £22,

Don’t suffer for your style

It’s important you feel comfortable during pregnancy - especially around your waistline and your feet.

Invest in some feet-friendly footwear that’ll take you through pregnancy.

Heels are fabulous of course, but they can be pretty uncomfortable at the best of times, and especially during pregnancy when feet tend to swell a little.

If jeans are your favourite go-to daily item, invest in some stretchy waistband maternity jeans that’ll look good in the day with a casual top - or can be dressed up for the evening with a glam top and jewellery.

Wonderful underwear

Hot Milk maternity lingerie set black

Investing in maternity underwear can make you not just feel comfortable, but feel wonderful too.

Who doesn’t feel wonderful in new undies?

Bigger pants doesn’t necessarily mean grannies-bloomers either, they can be sexy too.

There are some really lovely maternity underwear brands that can make you feel both comfortable and sexy and will last you long past the maternity days while you’re recovering from your little one’s birth.

Your breasts will be changing too, so it’s advisable to ditch the underwire in favour of softer bras that’ll take you through pregnancy and those new baby weeks.

Pop in for a refit at your local underwear store so you know what size you are. You’ll likely find you are a whole new size.

(Underwear maternity set from £39.95

Whatever maternity style you choose - enjoy your new shape and remember your body is doing something pretty amazing - embrace it and feel proud.

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