When to buy a maternity bra

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by Emily Thorpe |

After your growing bump, your boobs are the next part of your body that changes the most during pregnancy. We're talking increased size, darker nipples, tenderness... That's why it's so important to get yourself a maternity bra while you are pregnant. But when exactly should you buy one? We caught up with Bravado Designs to find out more...

When to buy a maternity bra

You should ideally buy a maternity bra in your first trimester. As anyone goes through pregnancy, it’s a given that our bodies will change. You may need a supportive nursing bra as early as the first weeks of pregnancy as you immediately notice fuller, tender breasts, thanks to those surging hormones.

But it doesn't stop there... by the second trimester, your breasts will continue to grow, because of increased blood flow and developing milk ducts. Lastly, in the third trimester, your rib cage has expanded to accommodate your growing baby, so you need a bigger band size. Similarly, your cup size will increase by one or two sizes from your pre-pregnancy size.

All those changes mean your old bras are just not going to fit and reliable nursing bras are going to be essential. While navigating physical changes to your body, it can do wonders to find comfortable bras that offer support, comfort and style.

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