Cold and Warm Post-Birth Relief Pad Review

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Cold and Warm Post-Birth Relief Pad at a glance:

Lansinoh's Cold and Warm Post-Birth Relief Pad relieves pain and discomfort after childbirth. When used cold, it provides cooling pain relief from perineal, haemorrhoidal and c-section discomfort. When used warm, it provides soothing relief from the discomfort of postnatal uterine cramping. The Cold and Warm Post-Birth Relief Pad is safe for mums to use postpartum and while breastfeeding. It has a slim design for a more comfortable fit. Even when frozen, it remains flexible and moulds to mum's body. Each Cold and Warm Post-Birth Relief Pad comes with 12 non-woven hygiene sleeves. The hygiene sleeve refills can also be purchased separately.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier? 

Rebecca said: "These nifty little compresses mean that I can take care of myself and enable my body to heal and feel looked after without much effort so I can give more time and attention. To my baby. I feel they helped with the healing process and enabled me to be up and about a lot sooner than I would have been this meant I could enjoy those early days with my baby."

Laura said: "Using this type of pain relief for the haemorrhoids I, unfortunately, had again after this birth (a c-section) made such a difference to caring for my babies in the months after. With the pad easing my pain, it made lifting the babies slightly more bearable, which in turn helped with the bonding process."

Ceri said: "It was particularly useful at night to aid what sleep I could get with a newborn. Was useful and did help with swelling."

Would you recommend this to other parents? 

Phillipa said: "I get excited by the versatility and quality of this product. I have already found a few ways of using this product, but know I will use it in more ways in future. The quality is great, and I know it will last me for a long time also."

Rebecca said: "The best thing about the product has to be the dual capability, the fact that it can be hot and cold. Also, like the way the crystals change colour and tell you whether the temperature is evenly distributed across the compress. This technology is great, especially when you are exhausted as a new mum and can't remember anything. These compresses have such a nice cooling/ warming effect I felt my whole body relax when using them."

Hannah said: "This product is unusual and unlike other products on the market. I liked that it had, so many uses and could be used for perineal pain, c section relief and post uterine cramping. It meant that when purchasing, you would have lots of different options if you did not have a straightforward birth. The post-birth relief pad can be used hot and cold, which was nice to know and offered alternatives depending upon what you needed it for. The instructions gave you clear advice about how to heat/cool and what would be most effective for your particular pain. I think this product was excellent as it gives you much needed support when you need it most."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market? 

Laura said: "After my first child (a vaginal birth) I would have really benefited from this type of post-birth/pain relief, but unfortunately wasn’t aware of such products on the market. Previously, I was only aware of the rubber rings you could sit on to alleviate some of the discomfort, so it is great to know this product is available."

Phillipa said: "This product is great for mothers to be. It’s different to similar things on the market as you are able to use it for so many issues. It not only helps with healing after birth, but also with breastfeeding and any other issues where you may need hot/cold presses. I have even used it on my neck on one occasion."

Rebecca said: "I love the fact that these pads are small and discreet. They are so thin that you don't even notice that you have them on. This product is different because it is suitable for an abdominal and vaginal birth, so it will be useful regardless of what kind of delivery you end up having. Also, the fact that it can be either hot or cold is great. Usually, I'd have to use two different bulky products like a hot water bottle or ice pack, so these are perfect for your hospital bag."

What changes would you make to this product? 

Ceri said: "I think if I was buying it, I would be put off the price, particularly if I haven't used it before and didn't know how it would work and benefit me and healing post-birth. Although I would recommend it to friends - I do feel like it is slightly expensive. I feel like it should arrange the £10 price range. Also, I was unaware of such a product, so perhaps it should be marketed more or better."

Hannah said: "If I could change one thing about this product, I would make it more easily wearable with a sanitary pad. The first few days after the labour is when I needed it the most, but it is also when I was wearing a maternity pad. It requires some cleaning in-between wears. I would also like to have more of the covers for the product or a washable, reusable cover that could be worn repeatedly, rather than the few it came with. The size of the heat/cool pack is ok, but it would be nice to have it a bit bigger for when it is being used as a cramping warming patch."

Laura said: "It would be interesting to know if you can get bigger packs with more reusable sleeves, as this pack will only last a couple of weeks, and often the post-childbirth effects last much longer. If there are bigger packs available to buy, the manufacturer should put this information on the pack so mums can choose which size pack is the best value for them."

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