Marie Louise Maternity Hospital Bag Review

from Marie Louise Maternity
RRP £195
Marie Louise Maternity pre-packed hospital bag
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by Sophie Knight |

The Marie Louise Maternity hospital bag is pre-packed with most of the essentials you need when you go into hospital to have your baby.

The ready-filled bag, which is made from recycled leather with a canvas interior lining, takes away the stress of packing everything you need for your baby's arrival. Don't worry about running around the house finding everything you need - this bag is jam-packed - you just need to add some essentials yourself such as snacks.

The bags are the brainchild of Senior Midwife and Maternity Educator Marie Louise. Everything inside the bag is well-thought-out, environmentally friendly, and safe for you and your baby.

Contents include:

  • Luxury padded natural antibacterial changing mat

  • MLM organic babygro, vest, and hat

  • Naty nappies

  • Luxury organic toiletries kit & face cloth for mum

  • Slippers

  • Naty natural sanitary pads

  • 100% Organic Inlight NYP & baby balm cream

  • Cotton wool balls

  • Hair ties

  • Maternity knickers

  • Nightdress

Tested by Sophie Knight, mum to Eli, one month. She said: 

My baby came five weeks before his due date, and to say I was shocked at his early arrival is an understatement. I hadn't got my hospital bag packed - it was a job for the following weekend when I hit 36 weeks - so to have the MLM pre-packed hospital bag ready was a life saver. I didn't have to think about most of the essentials - apart from clothes for myself, snacks, and other personal items - I just grabbed the bag and off we went.

It was a real relief rather than running around the house at 3am when my waters broke, trying to remember what to pack.

Everything in the bag is lovingly picked by Marie Louise and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into the choice of products. I liked how everything was environmentally friendly and organic. I knew the toiletries were being kind to my skin, and to my new baby, which made a change from the usual harshness you find in hospital. The shampoo and shower gel felt luxurious as I had my first shower after giving birth.

The big maternity knickers were a real life saver. I hadn't had time to buy any when baby arrived - another thing on the to-do list that I didn't get round to. I had a C-section so these massive pants went right up over my belly and my wound, which I was super grateful for.

The nightdress was lovely, although I'm quite tall so it was really too short for me - especially to wear around other people in hospital! - so I ended up wearing it over a pair of PJ bottoms.

The balm cream smelled lovely to me, however, I used some on my sore nipples and baby didn't like it - he refused to go anywhere near my nipples until I washed - but that's clearly a personal sensitivity issue.

The bag itself was stylish and I'll continue to use it as a changing bag. The inner lining being canvas and washable is really helpful, and there are lot of handy pockets and compartments.

I'd certainly recommend this to other expecting mums, as it was really handy to know everything was packed and gave me peace of mind. However, it is quite a lot of money, so whether you buy this will probably depend on your budget.

And remember to pack snacks!

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