Nana&dee Organic Cotton Maternity Pillow Review

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Nana&dee Organic Cotton Maternity Pillow
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Nana&dee Organic Cotton Maternity Pillow at a glance: 

4 in 1 Maternity Pillow: The one pillow every new mama needs, taking you through pregnancy to breastfeeding to playing infant, this pillow was made from one mama to another in order to guide you through it all!

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Lauren: I was able to actually behave like a mother to my 2 year old after sleeping a few more hours using this. It was very comfy and meant I could get into a comfortable and safe position to sleep, as a result of this I was a calmer, more energetic and generally better mother. It didn’t change anything specific in my day to day routine but meant I didn’t lay awake all night crying in pain and that’s invaluable. I probably could carry on using it now I’ve given birth but my husband has started using it as it keeps him on his side and stops him from snoring so much which in turn helps me to sleep better.

Philippa: It is recommended that pregnant women do not sleep on their backs during later pregnancy and since using this pillow I haven’t slept on my back at all (previously I had been waking up on my back feeling uncomfortable). This provides me with great reassurance as well as making me more comfortable! The pillow is very soft and feels lovely to lie on. I haven’t needed any additional pillows under my head at all, this has been enough to make me comfortable throughout the night. The pillow is made from 100% organic jersey cotton and it is the softest pillow I have ever had!

Jessica: Being a mum of two under two and number 3 on the way life can be pretty exhausting so needing a sit down a comfy fit down with a cuppa or a good night sleep is essential to keep me going at the minute and the new maternity pillow was absolutely amazing right from day one, super soft super comfortable and really helped me relax

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Jen: As I have a two year old to chase after all day, a good night’s sleep is essential and I have found I am sleeping much better using this product and waking up less having to adjust my position overnight. Once the baby arrives, I think being able to swing the ‘legs’ of this pillow around me whilst having the pillow aspect behind to help with my posture in any seat in the house will really help with feeding as I struggled last time to get comfortable with a traditional feeding pillow. Similarly, being able just to step out of it rather than having to fumble with removing a more band-like feeding pillow without disturbing baby for the transfer to cot sounds ideal!

Fiona: I would recommend the pillow for its versatility, not only as a good pregnancy pillow but for providing a snug to sit up your toddler. I can see how it will be comfortable and helpful for positioning baby when breastfeeding too which is great to ensure good posture for mum. It looks and feels nice so if you want a bit of a luxury pregnancy product it’s great for you. I love the fact that the pillow cover is machine washable too.

Nicki: This product comes in a neutral colour which is really appealing and will go with almost any colour scheme. It is really soft to the touch which means as soon as my head hits the pillow I am in the midst of relaxation. The covers are washable which with young children around is particularly appealing. I also love the dual functionality that it can be used as a maternity pillow, potentially a feeding pillow and to support tummy time when our new bundle of joy arrives.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Louise: I like the U-shape and that it has a large head pillow. Last pregnancy, I bought an S-shaped pillow, which I found really uncomfortable and hardly used as a result. I also like that this pillow always feels cool to the touch – I was worried that because the pillow is so large, it would make me feel very hot at night but actually, I think the organic cotton makes it very comfortable.

Jasmin: I would choose this Nana&Dee Pregnancy pillow above all others on the market because it is very large and soft. The cover is able to be removed to be washed separately from the pillow which is great for keeping it clean after feeding or tummy time. Due to the pillow being so large you can use it for multiple supports including back, knee and tummy.

Vicky: I prefer this product to other body pillows I have used. It was comfortable and helped me in many ways with pelvic pain and back pain. I will continue to use this product till the baby is born and then again as a support when breast feeding. I like the fact its washable to a cover too. I also feel my son would use this after I have finished with it as I tend to find him in my bed snuggled in the middle of the pillow. So a good life cycle and will be well used. I like the bag it came in also but i did struggle to fit this back into it, perhaps this could be made slightly larger so it travels easier and can be kept clean. This would top it over the edge for value for money.

What changes would you make to this product?

Fiona: I have been very happy with the Nana and Dee pillow and can't think of anything I would like to change. I did read reviews on Amazon which mentioned it can be hard to get the cover back on after washing, however I haven't tried to wash it as yet, but perhaps if the cover was slightly bigger that would resolve that issue.

Philippa: The pillow is pictured online as having a zip bag which I was so excited about as I spend a lot of time moving between my and my parents home. It arrived in the zip bag, beautifully presented but I realised when I unpacked it that it had been put in a vacuumed bag to make it much smaller so that it fitted into the bag. Unfortunately I have been unable to get it back into the bag since and so to transport it the only thing that works is a large bin liner. This doesn’t take away from the pillow at all but it would be great if it came with a bag that could be reused for transport.

Jen: It is not something that bothers me as I really like the grey/white stripe but it might be nice if there were some other options for colours. Being 5ft 8in I find the length of this product no problem, but I think taller ladies would struggle to be as comfortable using the lower aspect of the pillow as there really isn’t much more length than I am using and it would perhaps be a good idea to offer a longer length for those who need it?

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