The best pregnancy bath products for mums-to-be

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by Rosie Floyd |

While it's exciting growing a new life inside you, pregnancy certainly takes its toll on mums, both physically and mentally. Is there a better way to relieve yourself from the aches and worries of pregnancy, than with a soak in the tub? There are many bath oils, soaks and gels on the market made for mums-to-be, that will give you some relief from the stresses pregnancy puts on your body. If the idea of sinking into a bubble bath that is surrounded by candles, with your head resting on a bath pillow, sounds like pure bliss, you need our recommendations of the best pregnancy bath products.

What bath products can I use when pregnant?

Most bath products are safe to use during pregnancy, and they won't harm your baby. However, heavily perfumed soaps and shower gels can irritate your intimate areas and cause itching. You're best to use specialist pregnancy bath products as they're designed with mums-to-be in mind.

Best pregnancy bath products for mums 2022

Shop some of our favourite pregnancy-safe bath products below.

Neal's Yard Remedies Mother's Bath Oil

Beautiful blend of essential oils

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You can expect to feel rejuvenated and relaxed once you've had a soak using Neal's Yard Remedies Mother's Bath Oil. The uplifting ylang-ylang and bergamot-infused oils smell absolutely divine.

Pros: Certified organic
Cons: Six to eight baths worth per bottle

Review: "I add a few drops to my salt baths and it helps moisturise. Good stuff will keep buying."

My Little Coco Baby Mama Nourishing Bath Soak

Nourishing bath soak
My Little Coco Baby Mama Nourshing Bath Soak

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Immerse yourself (and your bump) into the water and breathe in the gorgeous aroma of this bath soak from My Little Coco. Its sweet blend of coconut oil, rosehip and almond oil will help to keep your skin supple and soft throughout your pregnancy.

Pros: Suitable for sensitive skin, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free
Cons: Will sting if it gets in your eyes

Review: "I have been using it since beginning of 2nd trimester (now entering my third) and my bump is never itchy and I don’t have any stretch marks and I think this is why! I use it around 2-3 times a week. Smells gorgeous and makes your skin feel super soft and calm. The strong isn’t too overwhelming so if you’re suffering from sickness it (hopefully) won’t set you off!"

Cowshed Mother Bath & Shower Gel

Luxury pregnancy bath and shower gel
Cowshed Mother Bath & Shower Gel

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Fan of floral fragrances? Give this Cowshed bath and shower gel a go. Pour a couple of dashes into warm running water, and your bathroom will be filled with the scent of patchouli, rosemary and sea buckthorn oil.

Pros: Free from parabens and sulphates
Cons: At a higher price point compared to other pregnancy bath products

Review: "love cowshed's products and really like their ethical credentials and the fact that they are all made in the UK. This is a wonderful combination of grapefruit and orange and provides an uplifting spa experience for a reasonable price. It produces lots of bubbles when poured into a bath and is soothing and nourishing when applied directly to the skin."

Mama Mio Megamama Shower Milk

Dermatologist-tested pregnancy shower milk
Mama Mio Megamama Shower Milk

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Condition, hydrate and support your skin through the incredible yet challenging nine months that pregnancy brings. The Mama Mio Megamama Shower Milk is enriched with a blend of skin-loving oils, including argan, inchi and avocado, that will keep you smoother and softer from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

Pros: 100 per cent natural fragrance, recyclable packaging
Cons: 200ml bottle doesn't last as long compared to other products

Review: "During pregnancy my skin has become dryer, so this is a very nice choice for showering, it's not stripping away moisture from the skin, it feels nice and silky, and the smell is also very pleasant but not too strong. I first got it as a gift for a purchase of other mama mio products, this seemed like an excess to spend on a shower gel or soap, but I have now purchased it when I ran out, because it feels really nice, and I feel like I should pamper myself at the last stage of pregnancy."

Mama Calm Bath Soak

Luxurious pregnancy bath product
Mama Calm Bath Soak

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Safe for use during pregnancy and beyond, this bath soak is scent-free to accommodate sensitive, pregnant noses. Its milky, mineral-rich blend will nutrify skin as it stretches and leaves it feeling silky soft. Coconut milk and acacia fibre will soothe dry, hormonal breakouts, while the Himalayan sea salt aids to alleviate swollen limbs and muscles.

Pros: Formulated without parabens, phthalates, dyes, and fragrance
Cons: The most expensive pregnancy bath product on our list

Review: "I have been using this stuff all throughout my pregnancy with my leaves our skin soft and overall body relaxed."

Pregnancy bath products FAQs

Can you take hot baths during pregnancy?

Women tend to feel hotter when they're pregnant, and it's completely normal to experience hot flashes in pregnancy due to hormonal changes. However, you do need to be careful not to overheat. It is possible that a significant rise in your core temperature could be harmful in pregnancy, especially in the first 12 weeks. With this in mind, it's probably best to avoid hot baths during pregnancy.

The NHS states that when you overheat, more blood flows close to your skin to help cool your body by sweating. It means there's less blood flow to internal organs, such as your brain, and it can make you feel faint. You can feel fainter when you're pregnant, so you should avoid situations where you could get too hot, like sitting in a bath.

Ideally, your bath water temperature should be less than 32 degrees. You can easily test this with a baby's bath thermometer, so you can give your little one's a test before they arrive.

Is it safe to soak in the bath while pregnant?

You're more prone to UTIs and thrush when you're expecting - using soaks, milks, and gels in your bath can increase your chances of contracting them. While it is safe to have a lukewarm bath, you're best to limit the time your soaking time. Around ten minutes is ideal as you won't overheat or dry out your skin.

Are Epsom salt baths safe while pregnant?

Yes, it is safe for women to have Epsom salt baths while pregnant. However, before you add bath salts to your tub, it is always best to check the back of the packaging to check if they are safe for pregnant women to use. We also recommend asking your midwife for their advice on any pregnancy-safe bath products, just to be sure.

Epsom salt is designed to relieve achiness once dissolved in water, so it's just what you need to relieve hurting joints and muscles, particularly helping to soothe back pain, as well as aches in your neck and shoulders.

You may also find an Epsom salt bath is a Godsent during post-partum, helping to dull any soreness after a vaginal delivery.

Looking for pregnancy-safe Epsom bath salts? We like these ones by My Little Coco.

My Little Coco Baby Mama Restore & Relax 'me time' Epsom Bath Salts

Beautifully fragrant bath salts
My Little Coco Baby Mama Restore & Relax 'me time' Epsom Bath Salts

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Your body needs a little extra TLC when you're growing a human, and these Epsom bath salts will help calm aching muscles and relieve the feeling of tight skin. Enriched with organic coconut oil and rosehip - you and bump will be hydrated, soothed and nurtured.

Pros: Simple and soft formula
Cons: Expiry date is six months after opening

Review: "Gifted this for my birthday last month and I am so impressed! It smells beautiful and makes my skin feel really soft - paired with a tiny bit of the coco mama bath oil and my skin feels amazing! I suffer with eczema also but this hasn’t irritated it at all."

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