Belly Bandit Upsie Maternity Support Belt Review

from Belly Bandit
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

The Belly Bandit Upsie Belly had been designed for use throughout your pregnancy. As your bump grows, you may find it uncomfortable and difficult to move, particularly with the extra weight. Upsie Belly provides immediate relief, making it easier to increase your range of motion and daily activity throughout your pregnancy. The revolutionary Secure Stretch materials will mould to your body with just the right amount of tension. This creates a strong support and a stable fit while the exclusive soft-front closure allows you to move freely, without it digging or causing any discomfort. The Belly Bandit Upsy Belly has been created from an ultra-soft bamboo fabric and also includes a hot/cold gel pack for extra comfort and relief if required.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kerrie: I would recommend this to a fellow mum. You can really feel the difference when wearing it in terms of the support that it gives. It makes your bump feel less heavy. Your back and hips are supported while going about everyday tasks around the house and also when out and about. It has worn well and looks quite new after a couple of months of wear. It adjusts with your pregnancy so is a good investment.

Keah: I would recommend the belt to family and friends. It has helped me and does the job. I had really bad sciatica with my previous pregnancy which I somehow avoided this time and I do think the belt avoided this. My sister is currently pregnant with her third baby and I have passed the belt on to her. At 33 weeks pregnant she is finding it very comfortable especially with two young children.

Melissa: Unfortunately I would not recommend this product, as it didn't really help me. It would probably be worth a try if someone is struggling with slightly higher up back pain. I really liked the heat and cooling pack options which were very pleasant to use. These did offer some pain relief but I didn't feel they gave me any long-term benefit.

How did this product make your life easier?

Victoria: This is a wonderful product for a growing baby bump. I didn't have a maternity support belt with my first pregnancy and I suffered a lot with general aches/pains. Using this product, I was well supported and so much more comfortable. The heat patch is a super idea for tired and aching backs. It can be used with a cold gel pack as required. It stays in place well and feels secure. The belt is made of a soft viscose and feels light and comfortable to wear. It is the perfect size for me and there was a lot of room left for my growing tummy.

Caroline: I would recommend this to a pregnant mum as it provides great support. It is expensive but worth the money. I initially thought it would be uncomfortable but it was very soft, easy to wear, and comfortable. I don’t wear it at night but I’m sure I could sleep wearing it. Depending on the weather, it can feel a bit like another layer but given that it provides amazing support that shouldn't matter. It is hand wash only which can be a hassle but it is easy to clean and dry as long as you follow the instructions.

Katie: I’m afraid this didn’t help me as a mum. It’s comfortable when upright but it is quite uncomfortable and digs in when you bend. I was busy chasing my eldest around while pregnant so the Upsie support did get in the way. I think it would be good when going for a walk but I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it outside of the house.

Would you choose this product to win?

Samantha: I have never used any bump support but I would recommend this one. The design and quality are clear to see and it fits snug and securely. I have seen that it comes in various colours so there are even more options to choose from. I chose nude so that it was easily hidden beneath clothes. I like that it can be worn post-birth and after a c-section.

Samantha: I believe this product should win an award. It was comfortable and offered support. It stands out against other belts because of the hot/cold pack which was included. The belt can also be used after delivery so if you get a backache or need a little extra support this feature would be helpful.

Bryony: I don’t think there is anything on the market like this. This product should definitely win. It really stands out due to its quality and unique features. It alleviates the weight and pressure of the bump. It is such good quality and you can position it and wrap it as desired to ensure comfort. The heat pouch was good and I knew it was safe which is another concern during pregnancy. When sore, I could put it on in the evening to gently soothe the pain of carrying. I never used it post-pregnancy but can definitely see the benefits.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kerrie: This product is very hot to wear during the summer months. It would be better if the fabric was breathable. This would make it more comfortable to wear during the summer. That said, using it with the cool pack was nice. It could do with having some airflow fabric construction which would make it less sweaty to wear.

Melissa: I'd like to see a little more stretch in the fabric. I found the belt dug into me quite a lot. To achieve the desired support, I sported a substantial set of love handles when wearing the belt which was a little uncomfortable.

Samantha: I wouldn’t change anything about the product. The fit, design and colour were exactly what I was looking for. The fabric is soft enough to wear on bare skin and it is wide enough to give the right amount of support without feeling uncomfortable. I would highly recommend this product to other pregnant women.

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