Co-op Disposable Pant Range Sizes 5 & 6 Review

from Co-op
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

The Co-operative nappy range is all about providing the best quality nappy for babies that look great too, with illustrations by Jim Fields - illustrator, character designer and animation director. The Co-operative nappy range is super absorbent with leak protection. They have a shaped core, super soft lining and stretchy sides ensure comfort and a secure snug fit for your baby. For added peace of mind, Co-op nappies are dermatologically tested.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sam: They feel smooth and silky for your baby's skin. They have a nice tiger design which my daughter really liked. They pull up and down very easily. This is important for me but also for my daughter as she is learning to use the potty and needs to be able to get her nappy off without getting frustrated.

Emma: The product was slim and not bulky. This is ideal for when you need to take supplies while away from the home. I especially liked the pattern which was very bright and appealing both to my little one and I. The pattern was all over the pull-up and not just a small area. The tiger stripes were fun and a little different to other pull-ups that I have used before.

Lucy: I would recommend this product to a fellow mum. However, I would advise them to get a size smaller than usual. As they are pull-ups they cannot be altered or made tighter. As my little girl is quite small in terms of her frame they were too big. If she had been a little bigger they would have been great.

How did this product make your life easier?

Amy: A pant that you can slip on a wriggly toddler rather than trying to put on sticky fastenings is a winner for me. I think my toddler who is eager to get going would surely agree. The sides are easily rippable meaning I can get the pant off quickly. I could even use them with him standing up. He is just getting to grips with putting legs in trousers so there is an added development opportunity.

Sam: When your baby turns into a toddler you need pull-up nappies! Either because they wriggle and wiggle so much when trying to put a nappy on or because you are potty training or both. The Co-Op pull-ups are a nice design, feel nice and are easy to pull up and down. They are easy for me as a mum to put on a wriggly toddler but also easy for her to pull down to use the potty.

Emma: At present, I do not feel that this product made my life any easier. However, if my little one was at the toilet training stage, these would be great. They are absorbent like a nappy but have the pull-up appeal like a pant which I would imagine is invaluable. The rip sides are a handy feature, meaning the pull up doesn't require to be pulled down it can also be ripped at the sides. This is a great feature if heavily soiled.

Would you choose this product to win?

Amy: These nappies are bigger than I expected. My toddler currently wears 5+ nappies and the 5 pants once a bit absorbed would start falling down. This is a big negative, especially in hot summer months when a nappy is the main attire. However, the design is a winner for me. I just love it! Cute tiger bums!

Sam: I liked the co-op pull up nappies and thought they had some good qualities. I would recommend them and would buy them.

Emma: The two things that make this product stand out are the easy tear sides and the bright, appealing picture and design. I am not convinced the product would last through the night, I did not attempt this as we normally use a 5+ through the night and did not want to risk a leak. I do not think this product should win as there are cheaper pull-ups on the market that provide a better fit.

What changes would you make to this product?

Lucy: If I could change one thing about this product it would be that I would make it smaller. My little girl hs quite a small frame this product was quite big on her. As they are pull-ups there was no way of making this product smaller or tighter as you would with a nappy.

Jessica: I think the absorbency should be looked at for this product. It wasn’t absorbent enough. After only a couple of hours, there was leakage. My little boy wasn’t passing urine excessively. I think they could look at odour control as they made him a smell like urine which was disappointing.

Sam: The only thing I would change about these nappies is to make the padding a little less square, smoother and softer fitting. We didn't have any issues with the nappies. My daughter didn't seem to be uncomfortable. However,  I did feel the nappies are stiffer than other pull-ups we have used.

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