Tj’s BTP Charcoal Pocket Nappy Review

from Tj's Cloth Nappies
RRP £8.5
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by Maria Martin |

Tj's BTP Charcoal Pocket nappies are 'birth to potty' nappies, which fit from approx 10lb to 35lb.

They have a water resistant, breathable outer layer with a charcoal microfleece inner, creating a pocket for absorbent inserts to suit. The charcoal microfleece absorbs smells and reduces acidity, as well as having the advantage of not showing staining.

The Charcoal Pocket nappies have a double gusset for maximum containment, rise snaps on the front easily adjust the size to grow with your child and the generous pocket opening allows easy insert removal. They come with a bamboo insert and are available in different patterns.

Here’s what our parents thought, read their review here...

How did this product make your life easier?

Jessica Bates says: "I'm not sure if this product makes my life easier as a mum other than the fact that if you were only using reusable nappies then you wouldn't have to go shopping and buy more nappies."

Ashleigh Brough says: "This is a well made re-useable nappy. the joy of it being a pocket nappy means that I have been able to use different boosters to ensure the best fit for my son. The charcoal lining sewn into the nappy really helped with absorbency which is great when you have a really heavy wetter. I found the nappy to be quick drying as well which is great when you can go through up to 6 nappies a day so anything to help with the washing and drying routine is a massive bonus in my eyes."

Samantha Collier says: "If the product had have done as promised then the cost saving benefits in the long term would have been great. The product was easy to pop on and off and lots of options of poppers to adjust the fit so as the baby grows , you can adjust the set up of the nappy. The ideal that you can also keep the main nappy on and then removed the wet pad, which can then be washed would save time on a whole nappy change. Due to the product not working this actually made more washing and didn't save any time or make my life easier."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Chloe Fensome says: "I would recommend this to a fellow mum for the ease of use. It’s easy to put on and clip up once on the baby. It is also great that you don’t end up with a smelly bin/room like you do when using disposables. You also don’t get the horrible chemical smell or any nasties that give baby nappy rash, this was the main blessing for us."

Kayleigh Greene says: "If another mum wanted to use reusable nappies it were wanting to try I would definitely recommend this product. They have pretty and attractive designs, they have a soft and quality feel to the material. They are fiddly to star with but gets a lot easier with practise. Only downside is having to carry the dirty nappies around with you and they are bulkier than disposable. Also more pricy to initially buy."

Kay Gutteridge says: "I would recommend this product to fellow moms to help out the environment. I also feel that because of the soft material which is touching the baby they are much better for baby skin. The vast numbers of poppers on the nappy made then easy for the different stages of growth as to make it fit a smaller baby you simply pop up the poppers to make it smaller."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Hannah Haley says: "I have used a number of reusable nappies in this price range. I think these nappies benefit from the charcoal inner which hides any stains. It washed easily and was very quick drying. The bamboo inners although take time to dry held a good volume of urine - more than other bamboo liners I have used. Something that would be better would be having a flap on the back where you insert the liners."

Lauren Wright says: "This would definitely be one of my first choices of reusable nappies from those on the market. I felt they were good value for money and good quality. They gave me similar results to other similar but higher priced products. The most important thing is a nappy that doesn’t leak and this product gave me that confidence."

Jessica Bates says: "This is a better nappy than another reusable nappy that I was sent to try. it is a lot softer and seems to fit my baby a lot better and they appear more comfortable wearing this one. The charcoal coloured inside is great for hiding stains whereas the other one I tested was white inside and so although I have cleaned it it looks stained."

What changes would you make to this product?

Ashleigh Brough says: "I would change the booster that was provided with the nappy. Having a son that is a very heavy wetter I need more of the type of booster that I was provided with or a different type. This meant the first time I used the nappy (after I had pre-washed it) it did not last as long as I would have expected from a nappy which had a charcoal liner sewn within it."

Samantha Collier says: "i would like to change the product to be suitable for use, i would like to see some adjustments to the product which would allow for it to contain the contents much better. I do believe that with some changes and improvements in the nappy this could change the way nappies are used and save time with changing however, unfortunately i would be suggesting a number of changes to allow for the nappy to do its job as advertised."

Chloe Fensome says: "If I had to change one thing then I would change the design of the nappy so that it had a little more material around the legs so it covers more around the bum so it doesn’t expose to leaks. I would also change the colour as it’s just a little too dark to be able to wear with quite a lot of clothes without showing through."