TotsBots Bamboozle Night Nappy Review

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by Maria Martin |

The TotsBots Bamboozle Night Nappy at a glance:

This reusable night-time system comprises the Bamboozle Nappy Wrap and Bamboozle Stretch. Use the Bamboozle Stretch Nappy inside a waterproof Bamboozle Wrap for 12 hours of no leaks. The ultimate reusable bamboo nappy for comfort, fit, and overnight dryness.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Becky: I really like the velcro for how easy it is to put on my baby, particularly as he has started rolling during changes now. I like that the boosters pop in and keep them in place to make them easy to put on. The laundry tabs on the wraps are great to stop them catching on things in the wash. They are really absorbent and last him all night, even with multiple feeds. They don't take as long to dry as I would have thought.

Carla: They are reusable so no need to buy disposable nappies. Therefore financially cheaper on my family budget. And greener for the earth and more hygienic. Also since using them I've had no complications or issues with reactions and rashes. They are easier to dispose of as it's only a lining and not a full nappy.

Pippa H: This product makes your life easier as a mum as the nappy is basically all-in-one and you don’t have to worry about constantly buying different size nappies. I love the fact that the poppers can be adjusted to fit your growing baby - and the poppers actually last! Also, these nappies are really, really absorbent so you don’t have to worry about little leaks whilst you’re out and about, or even overnight! Your conscience is eased using re-usable nappies. You feel less guilty about your ‘footprint’ that you leave on the earth because you know you’re not emptying a load of plastic into the ground. This is also helpful if you have a larger family. These nappies are so robust that you could probably use with multiple babies/children, which is one less stress when trying to prepare and plan your life!

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Katie: Yes I would recommend this product as I haven’t experienced reusable nappies before and they appear to be comfortable for my little one. We also didn’t experience many leaks which was the ultimate deciding factor. The designs are bright and colourful and appealing. Easy to use with the Velcro and the poppers - especially since applying a nappy to a wriggly baby can sometimes be difficult. Handy to have in my changing bag.

Gemma: I would recommend this product for the following reasons: 1) first and foremost the biggest and clearest factors are the environmental benefits, the guilt-free option and the fact that you feel you are contributing in some small way to helping our planet. 2) the product is super quality and the designs are fun and modern. 3) a true UK brand that's affordable and fantastically designed. I will add that my baby seemed comfortable and the nappy area was rash free and no irritation caused during use.

Pippa B: I would definitely recommend these nappies to friends and family, and I already have! The material is so soft, even after multiple washes, and my children feel so comfortable in the nappies. We’ve had very few leaks, and had far more while using disposable nappies. They’re quick and easy to fasten, making stressful nappy changes a thing of the past, and all signs of nappy rashes have vanished. My toddler also loves the animals!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Carla: Yes I would choose this product over any others on the market because they are more cost effective for my budget. They are easier to use, easier to dispose of with the liner, more hygienic and more absorbent. They have nice eye-catching designs which makes my children want to wear them.

Emma: The nappies have so many amazing designs to choose from, they are cute, colourful and appeal to my toddler as well as baby. I like that both my boys are able to wear the nappies despite their different ages, the poppers allow multiple ages use in one nappy. They are super absorbent - they keep my baby and toddler dry at night. There have been some explosive leaks, but the same happens with single use so they are comparable.

Gemma: Yes definitely. This product offers affordability compared to some of the competition. The lovely quality and usability. My biggest issue with this product is the number of times you have to wash them pre-use. Maybe the brand could supply them prewashed and ready for use, this would definitely be more appealing. My second and final concern as a busy mum is how long they take to dry. Of course the design is made to absorb water, sadly this adds to the drying time. All-in-all, providing you have enough supplies and time to dry, they are such a fab product for both your baby and of course the environment.

What changes would you make to this product?

Pippa B: There is nothing I can think of that I’d want to change. The nappies feel beautiful and are such great quality, they’ve made such a massive difference to the children’s bums! They adjust so well to fit both the newborn and toddler, and they wash really easily. The liners make it easy to dispose of solids, and the elastic legs are secure enough to hold in liquids. We can go longer in these nappies without having to worry about leaking, or sore bottoms.

Carla: If I could change one thing about this product it would be the amount of times it takes to wash each nappy to reach full absorbancy. If it could possibly be lowered to once or twice that would be so much easier on a hectic family life. I have 8 children so always looking for quicker ways to get the job done.

Pippa H: I wouldn’t change this product at all. They’re great. However, the washing is a faff. I think generally speaking most mothers are usually rushed off their feet trying to look after their family, so to add some extra washing and drying loads into the mix is enough to put most people off using it. The washing powder they provided was great, a little pricey but smells nice and the fabric comes out smelling fresh so it makes you feel like it is safe to use on your little one. I did find the initial instructions a bit confusing – maybe the could be re-written to help tired, ‘baby-brain’ mums like me make more sense out of it.

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