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TotsBots Easyfit Star
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by Maria Martin |

TotsBots Easyfit Star at a glance:

These Easyfit Star nappies are beautiful, with no skin irritation or rashes and safe for the most sensitive of skin. Our panel of mum testers loved how easy these nappies were to clean, with the accompanying washing powder making them stand out from the crowd. These nappies are compact, comfy and crucially – eco-friendly. An excellent product.

Here’s what our parents thought, read their review here...

How did this product make your life easier?

Connie Ainsworth says: "I never tried cloth napped before so this was a new thing for me. Personally I don’t think it made life easier for me as I had to keep checking for leaks because I was paranoias as it was only material rather than absorbent nappies. Also, the hassle of keep washing them and making sure you wash correctly to make sure all of the germs are out of just not making my life easier if I’m honest."

Jade Alsop says: "Knowing I have the Totsbots Nappies to hand means I won’t have to do a mad dash to the shops to get disposable nappies if I run out! They are quick to put on, providing they are set to size (I tend to do this once they are dry and ready to put away, with a liner in place too). The disposable liners I received also means I can use the nappies when out and about and not have to worry too much about carrying round a dirty liner."

Mohammed Begum says: "This product made my life easy as it enabled me to use it as of when I needed, the nappies was comfortable the material used was cotton so it was great for the baby and it was easy to wash also This has made bedtime routine easy and its been great to take away too Its definately a product I will use alot."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Brogan Cartwright says: "I would recommend these as I love the designs there so colourful and different they also don’t fade once washed and the design stays the same, the lovely soft material makes them soft for baby but easy to clean and easy to remove stains the design makes them easy to do up too there so easy to use when your on the go and out places, there definitely comfortable as my little one loves them!"

Emma Chapman says: "Without a doubt I would recommend this I love the designs and the comfortable aspect I found the transported easy even when used and was no difference then carry a used nappy the wash bag is brilliant and trapped smells and I loved the fact I control them they are very hygienic and reall easy to fold in bag."

Rebecca Croxford says: "I would recommend these to any mum who would like to try using reusable nappies but is overwhelmed by all the different options on the market. they are really instinctive to use, the designs are just adorable and even if you only use them some of the time, it makes you feel like you are doing your bit to help the planet."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Hannah Edwards says: "I would definitely choose this product again and above others I have tried because I liked how simple it was and also how easy they are to use. They're clean, quick and a great price. I also live the design which I think helps them stand out from the others in the market. They don't feel as confusing and overwhelming as others."

Hannah Ford says: "I loved that this company is UK based and is a family business, you get the feel when you browse the website. The website has a whole host of information to help with any questions you have about transitioning to reusable nappies. I loved the designs and feel of the nappy and how they fit on my baby. I really think this product should win as for a novice it has convinced me to switch over the reusable nappies as often as I can. It will take some time to build up enough to totally make the transition but I am conscious of how many nappies go into landfill and if I can help by using a few a week then that helps the environment longer term."

Danielle Smith says: "As an avid user of disposable nappies, I would have probably never considered reusable nappies previously but these nappies have totally opened my mind up to using these long term. I only have one gripe and that is that my little girl has had a lot of leaks using these nappies. I followed the instructions to the letter and pre-washed the nappies a few times before use as recommended. This was to achieve maximum absorbency. Despite this, the nappies sometimes still leak. I did research this and some people recommended washing at least 10 times before using and I have to say, the more I use the nappies, the more absorbent they become. I think if they do become fully absorbent then these nappies would become a perfect alternative to disposable nappies and would definitely recommend them to other mums."

What changes would you make to this product?

Connie Ainsworth says: "If I could change one thing and this is what would make me choose them over disposables it would be making them be cleaned easier. If you would just chuck them in with your normal load of washing or load of towels then it would be great as I could just wash and dry as I go and not worry about what there washes on or temps to kill bacteria but not too warm as to damage the product."

Jade Alsop says: "One thing I would change is drying time. On days where the weather wasn’t great, the nappies would take up to three days to dry in the house on an airer. The outer waterproof layer dried quicker than the bamboo. We have a tumble dryer but it’s advised to dry them on a cool setting which I didn’t try, but believe would take a while to dry that way too."

Mohammed Begum says: "This was a great product overall and I felt it worked well especially how it was, I would not change snything about it as it was ideal for the product it had minimal negatives and the positives were great perhaps adding more designs would be more appealing but other than that I woipd not change anything."

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