Close Pop-in Newborn Nappy Review

from Close
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

Pop-in newborn reusable nappies are easy to use and clean, slim-fitting and come in an array of attractive pastel colours. They also wash and dry brilliantly, and don’t seem to stain. The nappies are double-sided, which means that the outer wrap can be easily wiped clean and re-used if not soiled, so all you need to do is switch the soaker over at change time – simple!

How did this product make your life easier?

Hannah: I love cloth nappies. I have never used newborn nappies before and it was lovely to have something that fits so well and wasn't too bulky in the early days. They were easy to fit on my baby. The Velcro was strong and worked well. The laundry tabs were effective. They were just as straightforward as disposables.

Helen: Using reusable nappies does not make a mum's life easier. That is not why you use them. They give a mum peace of mind knowing that the baby is not being exposed to chemicals on their lovely brand new skin. They make mums happier in the knowledge that they are not having such a negative impact on the environment. Mums think about that more because they wonder what the world will be like for their baby's future.

Amy: I found the size of these nappies great as they are designed for when the baby is firstborn. They are suitable for 5-12 lbs so fantastic for most newborns. I love how the front of the nappy is designed to fit under the umbilical cord so it doesn't rub. They are also super absorbent and you can use the liner also inside the nappy to make it easy to dispose of the poop poops and add an extra layer of absorbency.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Lena: They are so easy to use and so intuitive that there is no need to worry about making the switch from disposables. They seem to be comfortable and we didn't have any issue with daytime leaks. Washing them was also easy, especially if you use an additional lining layer to catch the worst of any poo. However the pads aren't as absorbant as disposables so for overnight use with heavy wetting, they may not be suitable unless you are able to do a couple of changes overnight. Over time I think they would work out much cheaper than disposables, and are certainly much better for the environment.

Mohammed Qamar: I would definitely recommend this to other parents as its design is fantastic. It's easy to use and the important thing for me was that they are reusable. Just put it into the wash and then allow it to dry and use when needed. The hygiene is great as they are not enhanced with chemicals and are good for the environment.

Erin: I would highly recommend this product to parents of newborns but especially those with small babies. The nappies effectively bridge the gap before larger birth to potty reusable nappies can be used. I have been able to achieve a good fit for my baby who is 6Ibs with no leaks. The double gusset is a good feature which helps to minimise leaks. The shaping of the nappy makes them suitable for small legs. I really liked the designs and colours on the nappies. I especially liked the endangered print collection and that 1% of profits from the nappies go to help protect these animals. The pop-in insert is easy to use and helps keep the insert in place. I like the feature of being able to use the wrap again if it isn't dirty which minimised the number of wraps required. The nappies are compact and easy to transport. I found the nappies easy to wash, the tab at the back of the nappy helps to ensure the velcro doesn't catch on anything else. The nappies came out of the wash clean and unstained.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lisa: Definitely a winner for me, I loved the thoughtfully designed outer wrap. From the cute and colourful designs and the double gusset for extra leak protection but especially the cutout section on the front to look after newborns umbilical cords. The newborn/premature baby pack is very reasonably priced too which is great knowing that you’d have to buy the birth to potty pack once these are outgrown.

Mohammed Qamar: I am amazed how good this is, not just for parents, but its a fantastic product for the environment that will help reduce a lot of waste especially as nappies do contribute towards it. What I didn't like much about the product is the price as it can put many parents off, but other than that the idea of having cloth reusable nappies is great.

Amy: I would choose this product as they are made just for newborn babies and fit their delicate frame so well and even cater to fit under the umbilical cord. The patterns are gorgeous and I love what they stand for (endangered species). Also, the multi-pack of nappies is a great starter kit to start out with and they have extra soakers so there are spare for when they need changing.

What changes would you make to this product?

Helen: I would suggest more options for adjusting the size as with the nappies they sell for older babies. The only problem is that this would make them even bulkier which is a real drawback of reusable nappies. They could sell clothes that fit over the nappies or make the nappies look more like shorts so shorts aren't needed. Although this only works for the summer.

Erin: My suggested change for the close pop-in nappies relates to the soaker. There is a line of stitching which attaches the two parts of the soaker together. These are sewn together by around one-third of the way down the soaker’s length. I do not feel this is a beneficial feature as it hugely slows down the drying time of the soaker. If the soaker could be folded out fully after washing then it would dry much more quickly. If there is a structural need for these to be joined along the length then I would suggest a shorter line of stitching to enable the soaker to unfold more fully. This would aid air circulation during drying and speed up the drying time. If the nappies could be dried more quickly this would greatly improve an already great product.

Lena: It would be helpful to allow some way to adjust for size so that bigger babies can get a bit more use out of them. As it was, it would not have been economical for us to buy this size as our son grew out of them so quickly. Other than this, I was very pleased with them and they have been a great introduction to life with reuseable nappies!

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