MAM Comfort Soother Review

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MAM Comfort Soother at a glance:

The MAM Comfort Soother was developed in collaboration with leading paediatricians, nurses and speech therapists to support the needs of newborns and premature babies. The first of its kind, it is extremely lightweight and features an extra small teat which helps to support natural sucking behaviour and promote healthy oral development. The soft material is extremely gentle on baby's skin and provides a comfortable and calming effect on newborns. Packed in a convenient steriliser box it can be sterilised in 3 minutes in the microwave without the need of a separate steriliser.

How did this product make your life easier?

Rebecca: As a mum, I feel this product is designed well to be taken out and about as it can be kept in the box. The materials are very soft and make it easier for babies to take the teet especially if they are breastfed and not used to bottles I feel they are a good transition to make.

Harriet: This product certainly made my life easier as a mum! It can be very difficult to find a suitable dummy or soother that suits your baby and that they are happy to take. After being unsure initially my daughter accepted this dummy and settled well with it. Having a baby that can settle with a dummy is hugely beneficial for both mum and baby, saving a lot of stress and time settling the baby.

Sheelagh: The mam soother is a nice size, attractive soother with a teat that is not too big so good for smaller babies. It comes in a box that holds two which is great for storage, on the go, to have a spare with you and keep it clean when not in use. My baby likes it and it is useful for helping her to sleep.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Charlotte: I found the dummies to be really soft and delicate, they’re very easy to use and the travel box that they come in is super handy. The design with no seams/attachments is really appealing as it means there are no bits to break off. The small teat means using it was much more straight forward without worrying about fit and it feels really delicate.

Terri: I would recommend this product as it is extremely easy to clean, the material on this product is gentle on baby’s skin resulting in no marks on baby’s face. It also lasts longer than a regular dummy would as baby can use right through from birth to 4 months. After reading about the product before it was sent, I liked how it has been designed to consider baby’s oral health. It’s extremely hygienic, quick to sterilise and my baby is very content to use it.

Cecilia: The MAM comfort made it much easier for my son to fall asleep and I used the product during sleep training as I found it very effective in helping him to settle quickly and reduced any tears. The smaller teat with the ergonomic design meant he took the MAM comfort on the first attempt and has responded to soothing with it for returning to sleep if he wakes early from a nap. The product is also very hygiene due to being make of one piece of silicon which has given me piece of mind for how clean the product is.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Jess: I like the simplicity of the design and the fact it is all one piece of silicone gave me peace of mind about how clean it was. I have already recommended it to fellow mums. The ease of sterilising it was also a big factor for me and something I like about MAM products in general. It seemed easier for my daughter to keep in her mouth than her regular dummy.

Terri: I definitely would buy this product in the future and suggest it to fellow moms with newborns. I’ve always been a huge fan of the MAM range & use many of their other products. I love how MAM have made a dummy that can give baby comfort by making the material resemble mums soft skin. It is so gentle on baby’s skin.

Charlotte: I would definitely choose this product over others on the market due to the feel of it, the small areas of bobbled texture, how small it is and how it is designed as one whole piece, therefore minimising breaking. The SkinSoft silicone is really soft and unlike any other dummy that I have felt before. It is also easy to clean with no creases or seams.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sheelagh: As I am such a big fan of the hollow in the Mam soother, I would like it if it was slightly bigger to fit more of a finger inside and assess baby's sucking. Other than this I thought the soother was made of good, quality materials and an attractive design and does the job well with baby who enjoys using it.

Laura: One feature I was not as keen on was the fact that you can see inside their mouth as the silicone is clear at the nipple. I found this very odd to begin with and I do think it makes this dummy less attractive. Therefore if this feature could be improved while maintaining the ease of cleaning then I think it would be perfect!

Rebecca: If I could change one thing it would be to make this product able to be put onto a dummy clip. All of my mam dummies fit into a clip and is universal to all sizes but this dummy doesnt have space for this. This is always a handy feature when out and able to avoid them dropping on the floor or being lost.

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