The Gro Company Grosnug Review

from The Gro Company
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

The Grosnug is described as revolutionary for a reason. Made from super soft and stretchy cotton, the Grosnug allows you to wrap your baby up all snug for a great night's sleep. The Grosnug is available in two different weights – Light and Cosy, and both extremely easy to use in the night and day.

How did this product make your life easier?

Helen: I loved using the Grosnug. It meant my baby’s startled reflex was reduced and she slept so much better with this on. I used it for naps as well as night time. It also became a sleep cue for my baby and she would start to settle when putting in her Grosnug and was aware it was time to sleep. The fact that you can unzip the arms meant I could use it during the particularly hot weather without worrying she would get too hot.

Louise: Bedtime is really easy using this product. I know that my baby is safe and warm enough at bedtime and that I don't need to worry or fuss with blankets. The Grosnug is easy to wash and keep clean and doesn't take too long to dry. It promotes safe sleeping and is the perfect size for a small baby. The options of different togs mean that you can choose the right product for your child and the time of year depending on the temperature of the room, and guarantee you will sleep easier knowing that your child is safe.

Elenya: When it comes to bedtime I am also extremely paranoid about whether my baby is to warm. With the Grosnug the handy guideline on the packaging advises me what to put my baby in dependant on the temperature with the Grosnug. They also come in different thickness, for instance, I have the light with the weather been a bit warmer. I struggled at first to get baby in the Grosnug but once you use it a few nights you get quicker and it then seems very easy to put on the baby. I also love how my baby's arms can be tucked in or out and the zip all the way down makes midnight nappy changes super quick and easy.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Helen: I would recommend this Product to another mum because it helps my baby sleep. It acted as a sleep cue and helped my baby sleep in different environments for example when we went on holiday. It was great quality material and a lovely design, it washed really well and the option to undo the poppers for the arms is also a great feature.

Lucy: It is a versatile product to suit babies needs and gives peace of mind for a safe and comfortable nights sleep from the minute your baby comes home. Without having to worry about tucking in blankets, you can position your baby at the foot of the crib. It's great that there is a range of thicknesses to suit all room temperatures (and that you get a simple but effective room thermometer to help you decide what baby should be wearing) and some really lovely designs to choose from. Due to my baby having reflux and often being sick during the night, the bag has been washed several times and the material has maintained its good quality (no fading or bobbling) and it dries very quickly.

Louise: The Grosnug is well designed and great quality - there are covers over the zip for example. The item unzips all the way round, making nappy changes a breeze! It’s been specially designed for newborns so there is plenty of room for the froggy leg position, you don’t need to worry about swaddling too tight, for example.

Would you choose this product to win?

Louise: The Gro Company is a leading brand product and it doesn't disappoint. The Grosnug has an attractive design and is really easy and simple to use. I know that the Grosnug will keep my baby safe at night and takes away the stress of worrying about blankets and risks. The guidelines it comes with also help you to have a full understanding of choosing the right version based on how hot the bedroom is, which is really helpful to first-time parents or if you are out of practice.

Louise: Yes! It’s brilliant to be able to swaddle your baby from birth without any worries. It’s a perfect way to get your baby used to sleeping bags. It’s a great quality product and the different fabrics available make it ideal for any time of year use (or unpredictable weather!) new mums will benefit from the no-fuss usability of the item. There are many cute different designs available too.

Lucy: I think this product should win because of its 2 in 1 design, offering versatility to swaddle baby inside the bag for comfort or open up to keep baby's arms free like a traditional sleeping bag. Until you try it out with your new baby, you can never tell if they like to be swaddled or not so it means you have the option for both - or can swap from one to the other in a few seconds to meet baby's needs.

What changes would you make to this product?

Helen: I don’t know if this is possible but I would change this product by having a zip on a section at the bottom so that one item will last longer than the first couple of months so it could be extendable to last till the baby is six months old for example. This would mean the baby gets used to one light around its upper body but the length could extend over time.

Louise: The price seems a little high considering it can only be used until the baby is up until 12lb. So depending on the weight and size of your baby you may not get that much use from it. Grobags can be used from a certain weight so there is an overlap of use baby weight-wise, apart from this there isn’t anything else I would change.

Elenya: I struggled greatly at first getting baby into the Grosnug comfortably and with little hassle. The main struggle for me were the poppers, I feel like if these were zips they would make it a lot easier for putting the baby in and keeping arms inside. However, on that note after several uses, it does become slightly easier to use.

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