Mokee Mini Sofa Review

from Mokee
RRP £239
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by Samantha Ball |

The Mokee Mini Sofa will be loved by little ones, as it’s super comfy and looks stylish, so it will look good in any room.

It’s easy to transform the Mokee Mini Cot, which only takes 20 minutes to assemble, into the Mini Sofa. The instructions were easy to follow, and it takes 5 minutes to add the sofa cover.

It also comes with five plump, scatter cushions and 3 fixed cushions for added comfort.

Made from 100% natural cotton, it doesn’t leave any irritable marks on your little ones’ skin as some fabrics do. It’s easy to wipe too and even has room underneath for some storage, which is perfect for hiding those toys you can’t seem to fit in the toy box.

Mum-of-one Samantha Ball puts it to the test:

I have been trying to create a ‘calm space’ for my two-year-old son for a while, where he can take himself to when he wants a laydown or look at his books, but I wanted it to be practical as much as relaxing. The Mokee Mini Sofa has been perfect for the space I imagined.

I wanted the corner to be sheltered so it looked a bit like a den, but since we received the Mokee Mini Sofa we’ve fallen in love with how well it works, and we wouldn’t change it at all.

It’s a perfect sized furniture piece for our house, fitting snug in the corner of our living room, where we spend most of our time and it looks really stylish too. I love that my son has his own little space to sit down, which has been great when we have family and friends over as now he has his own place to sit, which he loves since he doesn’t like being too close to people sometimes.

Since we built the Mini Sofa, I’ve noticed that my son has been a lot more independent, too. When he’s tired he would normally lay in the middle of the room or become really mischievous, but now he goes to the mini sofa and settles himself. He sits nicely on the mini sofa whereas he’d usually mess around when sat with us, which has meant our cat will happily join him for a cuddle on his sofa now – which our son loves!

I love the thought behind the fixed back cushions as it means less of them being scattered across the room, but it also adds the extra comfort to the sofa. The cover itself and the cushions are all so soft and I like that you can wipe any crumbs off without them getting stuck in the fabric. Within the first day of the mini sofa being in our house we had a spillage on the cover and even after being washed it still looked brand new and the colour didn’t fade or run onto the light material.

I don’t have anything to complain about with the Mokee Mini Sofa, other than there being no colour choice for the cover and cushions. Although it is grey, orange, pink and blue which I think adds to the character, some might prefer all pink cushions or something more vibrant.

I think the Mokee Mini Sofa will withstand the test of time in our house as the structure is sturdy, having sat two adults, our toddler, dog and cat on it, it’s also used every single day. It’s been great to see my son enjoy something that isn’t a car or soft toy, and it’s incredibly practical, especially if buying for a new-born to use as the Mokee Cot first, as you will get years of use out of it.

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