Silver Cross Voyager Co-Sleeper Review

from Silver Cross
RRP £199
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by Mother & Baby |

Here's what Sian, mum of two, thought of the Silver Cross Voyager Co-Sleeper.

The Silver Cross Voyager Co-Sleeper at a glance: 

Suitable from birth, the Voyager co-sleeper is designed to keep your baby closer to you, so you both get a great night's sleep. The deep foam mattress, mesh air-flow panels and optional incline setting offer the best comfort for your little one. The quick-and-easy, compact fold makes the Voyager ideal for holidays or nights away from home.

How did this product make your life easier?

Initially, our little one was in a typical Moses basket and would sleep in chunks of about an hour and a half and struggled to settle on a fairly flaccid and thin mattress. He was also out of sight, so the ad hoc checks on him meant, as a minimum, sitting up and craning our necks, at best, but mostly getting out of bed to take a closer look.

Sleep-deprived and ready to try anything that gave us a slither of extra sleep, we were eager to try the Silver Cross Voyager Co-Sleeper. The immediately obvious gain was the ability to place it flush to the bed and zip down the side to, in essence, create an extension of our bed, making those checks infinitely easier. The ability to touch your baby without moving from the comfort of your bed offered much-needed comfort to both us and the baby in the middle of the night. I honestly can’t emphasize the benefits of this feature enough, it really was a game-changer and helped us to relax a bit more in those blurry first few months as parents.

As a breastfeeding mum, not having to leave the comfort of our bed and just reaching over and picking up our little one as and when he required a feed was a bonus. And over a slightly longer period, it was apparent that he slept better too, thanks to a plusher, yet slightly firmer, mattress, which I think offered a bit more support and comfort. But needless to say, with him getting more sleep, so were we!

Another invaluable feature, especially with him struggling with reflux too, was the ability to pitch up one end, raising his head and helping him sleep slightly more upright. After spending the first few weeks rolling towels and laying them under the mattress of the Moses basket, this was a godsend! We tended to lay it flat when we wanted him to do a bit of tummy time on it in the day, so being able to transition between flat and on an angle so easily was great.

The cot is also easy to break down and fold away and comes with a travel bag so doubles up as a travel cot.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Yes, it would be hard not to with the gains we’ve personally experienced in baby’s sleep and comfort, and the way it has made our lives easier. It’s also bigger than the average Moses basket too, so the extra money spent seems worth it when you realise your little one has much more time, if required, to use it!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market? 

Yes. Its main rival is the Chicco Next To Me, and they share a similar RRP and largely the same functions, though the Next To Me has three stages of incline to the Co-Sleeper’s one and eleven height adjustable positions to fit your bed height to Silver Cross’ seven.

However, having used both, we never needed the extra height positions as the Silver Cross fitted to our bed’s height perfectly. Also, the Silver Cross product feels like a slightly nicer made thing, especially the mattress which feels far comfier than the Next To Me.

It's also aesthetically a lot more pleasing to the eye, with a slick dark grey design and a handy storage space underneath for the night feed paraphernalia, which the Next To Me doesn’t have. It feels like the prettier option!

It is also easier to manoeuvre into place with four wheels on the bottom, to the Next To Me’s two.

What changes would you make to this product?

It’s hard to think of a positive change that could be made. Maybe additional stages of incline similar to the Next To Me. Other than that SilverCross have really created a useful, well-made, fairly priced and stylish product here.

Product Information

Suitable from birth to 9kg (approx. 6 months)
7 adjustable height positions
Mesh side panels for maximum air-flow
Optional incline setting to help with congestion and reflux
Handy storage self

Dimensions: L101cm x W61cm x H67-84.5cm
Folded Dimensions: L101cm x W61cm x H14cm
Mattress Dimensions: L84cm x W51.5cm x D4cm
Weight: 11kg

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