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eve cot mattress
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by Stephanie Anthony |

Give your tiny tot the perfect start with eve's cot mattress. Suitable from birth until they turn 6, this comforting mix of springs and foam is available in 2 sizes to give your little one the supportive, safe and clean sleep they need to rise and shine. Better yet, the waterproof layer protects them from spills, bugs and (according to the manufacturers) monsters under the bed!

The eve cot mattress overview

Part of the little eve range, made for young sleepyheads. With premium pocket springs combined with supportive foam so that little backs, necks and heads get top notch support as they grow.


• Available in 2 sizes (60x120cm and 70x140cm)

• The top layer is super soft, highly breathable 2 layer material that’s water-resistant, wicks away moisture and encourages air flow.

• 30 night trial and 5 year warranty.


• The price - but all mattresses tend to be expensive, and actually we think the price point is good value as your tot can be in it until they're 6.

• No moses basket/smaller version.

Testing the eve cot mattress

Mum of two Emily tested out the cot mattress with her 2 year old, Theo. The size she tested was the 70-140cm (toddler bed size). Here's what she thought...

How did this product make your life easier? {#h-how-did-this-product-make-your-life-easier}

We got this product as a transition for our son from his cot to a small bed (we got him a tippee style toddler bed) this bed is close to the floor so we wanted to make sure the mattress wasn’t too thin for him, which it isn’t. He was so excited to try the bed out, he didn’t want to leave his bed… every parent’s dream, this wasn’t the same in the night but nothing to do with the bed. {#h-we-got-this-product-as-a-transition-for-our-son-from-his-cot-to-a-small-bed-we-got-him-a-tippee-style-toddler-bed-this-bed-is-close-to-the-floor-so-we-wanted-to-make-sure-the-mattress-wasn-t-too-thin-for-him-which-it-isn-t-he-was-so-excited-to-try-the-bed-out-he-didn-t-want-to-leave-his-bed-every-parent-s-dream-this-wasn-t-the-same-in-the-night-but-nothing-to-do-with-the-bed}

We do feel however that the mattress is very good value for money, it is certainly comfortable, not just for the little bodies of toddlers but for bigger kids/ parents laying down for stories and cuddles. {#h-we-do-feel-however-that-the-mattress-is-very-good-value-for-money-it-is-certainly-comfortable-not-just-for-the-little-bodies-of-toddlers-but-for-bigger-kids-parents-laying-down-for-stories-and-cuddles}

The delivery is quick and arrives in a compact rolled up box, the top cover is removable and washable which will be really practical when we start potty training soon. I am hopeful this will be a great mattress for when he gets bigger too as it is a hybrid spring and foam mattress so will be supportive as he grows. {#h-the-delivery-is-quick-and-arrives-in-a-compact-rolled-up-box-the-top-cover-is-removable-and-washable-which-will-be-really-practical-when-we-start-potty-training-soon-i-am-hopeful-this-will-be-a-great-mattress-for-when-he-gets-bigger-too-as-it-is-a-hybrid-spring-and-foam-mattress-so-will-be-supportive-as-he-grows}

eve cot mattress bed

Would you recommend this to other parents? {#h-would-you-recommend-this-to-other-parents}

Yes, we feel it fits the purpose we need of it, it’s a lovely comfortable bed and offering the right level support and our son is happy in it, which is the main thing. {#h-yes-we-feel-it-fits-the-purpose-we-need-of-it-it-s-a-lovely-comfortable-bed-and-offering-the-right-level-support-and-our-son-is-happy-in-it-which-is-the-main-thing}

Would you choose this product above all others on the market? {#h-would-you-choose-this-product-above-all-others-on-the-market-this-can-also-be-comparing-what-you-ve-seen-on-the-market-as-opposed-to-what-you-might-have-used}

Yes we would, we did a lot of research before and felt this mattress was the best value for money whilst being great quality. It is also reassuring that the mattress contains no harmful chemicals {#h-yes-we-would-we-did-a-lot-of-research-before-and-felt-this-mattress-was-the-best-value-for-money-whilst-being-great-quality-it-is-also-reassuring-that-the-mattress-contains-no-harmful-chemicals}

What changes would you make to this product?

None, this mattress is great and exactly what we needed.

Full product specification

Both mattresses are 12 cm deep to prevent dipping or sagging with use.

Cot bed mattress: 70x140cm

Baby cot bed mattress: 60x120cm

  • The cot mattress is created by leading product designers in London and manufactured in the UK.

  • Top panel - 100% polyester Cairfull® fabric.

  • Side panels - 100% polyester spacer fabric.

  • Argentum fabrics contain silver ions with antibacterial properties. The treatment is a natural agent and contains silicon to make sure fabrics are soft and durable.

  • Waterproof laminate layer in cover.

  • A core of individual pocket springs is encased in high-density nursery grade foam.


  • The cover is zip-offable and machine washable at 60°C.

  • We recommend reshaping whilst damp and line dry.

  • Do not bleach, tumble dry or iron.


The cot mattress fully meets all legal UK safety and regulatory requirements. Eve foam meets the requirements of British nursery standards.

Eve foam is Certi-PUR certified, so you can be assured it contains no chemical nasties. It is also Oeko-tex Standard 100 Class I certified.

Eve comply with BS EN 16890:2017 and BS 7177-2008+A1:2011 standards.

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