How to create a gender-neutral nursery

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Preparing to bring a baby into the world is exciting and, if it doesn't feel real right now, it will when you start to design their nursery!

Whether you've chosen not to find out the sex of your baby (or even given a gender prediction theory a go, like the Ramzi theory), or you simply want to avoid stereotypical pinks and blues, Nick Acaster, the Managing Director at Rugs Direct, shares his top five designs for a gender-neutral nursery

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1) Create an intergalactic room

Transforming your nursery into a space-themed area can pique your child's interest in science from a young age.

Some parents may be put off by the darker colours that a space theme would require, but these shades can actually be quite soothing and calming for a child, and will minimise their chances of becoming overstimulated. To get the space theme right, I'd recommend opting for a navy-blue paint or wallpaper and making use of some glow in the dark elements such as ceiling stars or baby mobiles.

Rugs and other soft furnishings with stars and planets on them will add to the room and can add some texture for your baby to familiarise themselves with.

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