Disney Steady Potty Review

from Disney
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Disney Steady Potty
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by Thought Thought |

The Disney Steady Potty is a nice, simple design, with flat ‘feet’ to keep it sturdy and a high back designed for comfort. It comes in an array of excitement-inducing Disney themes, including Frozen, Cars, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Toy Story, a pink Disney Princess option and Winnie the Pooh – to mention but a few. The seat is comfortable but it is a little too low, making it that much more difficult for tots to get up and down when using the potty. Without a ridge (and also on the bulker side of potty), the product can also be a challenge to empty. In many ways, the Steady Potty is a lot like any other but it does come with a Disney picture printed on it and, let’s be honest, we all know what power that might wield in the world of potty training!

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Disney Steady Potty