Nuby My Real Potty Review

from Nûby
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance: 

Nuby's My Real Potty is a life-like toilet potty with a real flushing sound when you press flush. There is no better way to train your child to use the toilet than using this real-life toilet. You can also store away all your wipes and other essentials in the back compartment.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Niamh: I have loved testing this product. It gives my child some independence when going to the toilet which allows them to use it unaided if needed. It is so easy to store and the way the toilet compartment lifts out makes it very easy to empty and clean. Although it's a potty, it teaches children to use a toilet from the start of training which reduces the anxiety of using the "big toilet".

Sally: This potty really is amazing! It is such a lovely addition to any bathroom/living room or wherever in your house a potty needs to be! It looks very comfortable and my little one was very happy with it. The flushing is a great feature and such a fun thing for the children to be able to do as a reward after they do their business, just like a big person! It is even very sturdy on hard floors.



Tracy: It makes my child happy so I'm happy. It is a fun and easy potty to use. It is a very real-life looking in looks. it looks like a toilet. It sounds like a toilet just smaller to use and fun. It is a great idea we love using it for potty time. What a great product to use its just a great fun idea and good item.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Clair: I would recommend this potty to other mums. It's a lovely design and lovely quality. The seat is comfortable - my daughter never complained about it being sore. The actual potty part that the children wee and poo in is really easy to lift out and to put back in place. It's a lovely feel of the material. It's so easy to clean which definitely helps when my daughter has a big sticky poo!

Suzanne: I would recommend this product. It really helped some of the children that were scared to use a potty. I think because it looks real, and as the toilet their parents use, but not big and scary. The design is great and really realistic. The children love the flush sound too. They are really excited to push the flush after doing a wee. It was like a built-in reward system.

Sarah: The novelty factor is its biggest selling feature, the fact it looks like a real toilet and flushes like one makes children far more interested in it than a standard potty. It encouraged my daughter to use it more than she was her potty before which was a huge bonus where potty training was concerned. She didn’t need reminding to use it, she wanted to!

Would you choose this product to win?

Katie: I think that in principle the idea of a product which provides a mid-way point between a standard potty and an adult toilet is a good one. I am aware that there are lots of these on the market however and I imagine that they are all very similar. My experience of this one has been mostly positive (durable, hygienic, convenient) but there are still some significant downsides too. Clearly the product is much more expensive than a traditional potty. It also takes up a lot more space and is a lot less portable.

Suzanne: For home use yes I would choose this product, but I like to have a potty that we can take with us as we travel and go out a lot. This potty is not suitable for that unless you have a car It looks great in the bathroom and does not clash with your furnishings. It is a very nice design. The children love the flush sound, so fewer tantrums and they actually wanted to use it.

Sally: I think this product should win as it is a lovely design being very good looking, comfortable and easy to clean. Children love the fact that they can go to the toilet like a big person! And the flush function is great, although our one didn't really work, the potty is just as great without it! overall a lovely product for a good price.

What changes would you make to this product?

Niamh: If I had to pick something to change about this product I would add an area where you could put toilet roll, I think it would be great to then teach the child what toilet roll is and when we use it as part of the toilet routine. Even though the child can't 100% do it themselves it's great to build that independence.

Katie: The product requires two AAA batteries in order to make the sound effect of flushing and these are not provided. I also found the process of inserting the batteries to allow for the flush sound effect to be unnecessarily fiddly. The battery compartment is located high up inside the back part of the "cistern" and requires a screwdriver to open. The flushing noise, once enabled is quite unrealistic and actually really annoying too which obviously delights any toddler but does not do the same for their parents!

Clair: There isn't anything I would change - it's perfect and has everything a toddler needs to make potty training fun. It's a great novelty for my daughter. She has perfected potty training now but she still loves her 'toilet' and wants to continue using it. My daughter has cousins a similar age and she loves showing it off to them. They also enjoy using it. I have a 1o day old baby now and I willl keep it for him to use.