Solution Peppa Pig & Paw Patrol Steady Potty Review

from Nickleodeon
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

This cute Nickelodeon potty comes with either Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol on it. It is sturdy but lightweight, portable and practically designed with a high back which offers back support and stability. It is made from wipe-clean, hygienic plastic and decorated with your favourite Nickelodeon characters.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Elaine: I would recommend the product to a fellow mum because they are deep and they don’t spill. They are easy to use and are very sturdy for them to sit on which makes them very stable. They do not take up too much space but probably wouldn’t fit under the buggy for storage which could be a pain if you wanted to take it out with you.

Wendy: I would recommend this product to others because of the success I have had using it. The non-slip base has made the product safer for a young child to use. The product is small enough to transfer room to room with no hassle and does not take up a great deal of space. The character design makes it appealing to children so they show interest in the product.

Meghan: I would recommend this as I think it's very cost effective. It is very compact so you can take it in the car or even put under the bottom of my stroller if I am out on a long walk. It is easy to keep clean and easy to move from room to room, my daughter is also comfortable sitting on this potty, unlike some others that we have tried.

How did this product make your life easier?

Emma: My daughter loves the designs, in particular, the Peppa Pig. She was really keen to use the potties due to the fun character design. She prefers the character potty to more complicated designs that we have tried. They are small, sturdy and easy to transport in the car for outings, and they stand up sturdily on the floor with no worries about spillage.

Charlotte: My child was so excited when they first saw the potty and wanted to use it straight away which was amazing. My child looked comfortable on this potty and they like using it. This makes life easier as there is less fuss at toilet time as she is happy to use it and I don't have to remind my child to go on it.

Rachel: This is one of the best styles of potties that we have tried. The rubber feet mean that they stay solidly on the ground which is useful when you have a child who is a fidget. The high base makes it comfortable for them to sit on for longer. The shape of it means that it is easy to tip the contents into the toilet which is always appreciated. My son also appreciated the fact that they had some of his favourite characters on them.

Would you choose this product to win?

Jennifer: I think if there were more characters available this would guarantee a win for this product. We are not massive fans of the characters on this. I think it's a natural progression from nappies to the toilet, so it definitely has an advantage over disposable nappies in my opinion.

Samantha: I would recommend the Steady Potty to win. It does what it needs to do without any expense or over-complication. The simple design is great and the fact that it can be cleaned in seconds is hygienic and a real bonus. The height and size of the potty have suited my daughter for twelve months now so there is no age requirement as many parents potty train at different times. The colours and themes can be purchased in other items so you can continue the theme throughout toilet training and all the items will match.

Shoma: This is definitely the best potty I have seen in terms of quality and value for money. Cheaper ones seemed very flimsy, had no stable base and didn't feel robust for quickly rushing a little one to the toilet in time. This is easy to clean, has a great design for kids and for the price (which I think is its biggest positive) I would purchase this again.

What changes would you make to this product?

Elaine: If I could change one thing about the product it would be the price. It is a lot of money to pay for a potty. If the product was cheaper it would encourage me to buy it. They are well made but I feel they are slightly overpriced.

Wendy: If I could change one thing about this product it would be the shape of the base/feet of the potty. I find the product a little awkward to clean properly. You can wipe it out easily with wipes but a proper clean is more awkward. I think it would be great if the product was in different colours as it would make it even more appealing to children.

Meghan: I really wouldn't change much about this potty, it's £8 and definitely good value for money with both the design and grips. There could maybe be an option to have a removable insert in the potty so it's just a case of lifting the insert out and not taking the whole potty after my daughter has gone to the toilet it in it. This might put the cost up, so might not be a necessary change.

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