Pote Plus Travel Potty By Venture Review

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Pote Plus My First WC Childrens Potty at a glance: 

One of the latest additions to the Pote Plus range this travel potty is designed for families that love to explore. The Pote Plus travel potty is compact and lightweight enough to be stored away in a backpack, changing bag or underneath a stroller. Not only that but the potty along with the Pote Plus Disposable Liners can be kept in its handy travel bag keeping it hygienic.

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How did this product make your life easier? 

Carlene: This is a jazzy and entertaining potty and adds a sense of play and joy to the whole experience, so it's ideal for toddlers who are nervous about this new phase or possibly scared of toilets. Children love emulating their grown-ups so a miniature toilet with a flush button and lid is a fabulous good option for my little ones to use too. My little ones love it and use it easily.

Elizabeth: This product is great because it resembles an actual toilet rather than looking like a potty so the child sees it as doing what grown-ups or older siblings use. The "flush' feature is also great because it teaches children from an early age that they need to flush the toilet. It is also really easy to empty and clean as the bowl is removable, however, because it is under the seat it is less likely to spill or get knocked over as with a simple potty. I have also found the height of it much better as if your child has particularly long legs a regular potty is not great as they can easily end up weeing on the floor!

Stephanie: My son absolutely loves this potty he hasn't taken well to most other potties but He will happily take himself over to the potty and use it all by himself he really like the features on it with the lid and the lift out compartment that he likes to take himself to empty, also the flush with the noise and lights is his favourite part.

Would you recommend this to other parents? 

Katie: Because it's super easy to use and my Toddler loves it. Especially flushing it. He keeps sitting on it even when he has a nappy on. I think Children need to be interested in it so they are able to be fully potty trained. Great product and would defo recommend and also a great price. Love this item loads

Nicole: Initially I was very sceptical of this product, thinking it a gimmick with no real added value for use over a standard £5 potty. However, my daughter, who just turned two, instantly took to the Pote Plus. She loves having her own toilet, pressing the flush, lifting and closing the lid. She will happily sit and do a wee at every nappy change, and so I think she will be potty trained much earlier than expected. So I would recommend this product even to fellow sceptical mums as it is clearly perfectly designed to appeal to children.

Stacey: I would recommend this product to a friend of a fellow mum as a result of the design of the toilet I said being safe robust and sturdy. The toilet was not too big and was therefore easy to move around the house or car. The toilet bowl came out easily which made it easier to clean. The flush button section came out and had a space behind which was convenient for keeping wipes.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market? 

Carlene: I would choose this Pote Plus My First WC By Venture above every other product on the market because it’s jazzy potty it can add a sense of play and joy to the whole experience for my little ones so its ideal for toddlers who are nervous about this new phase or possibly scared of toilets. My children love to copy their grown-ups so a miniature toilet with a flush button and lid is a fabulous option. It’s easy to clean too.

Elizabeth: I would choose this product because it looks nice, the weight and size of it is better than others we have used. The seat is much better quality than other similar ones we have used. It is a much more comfortable and thicker seat than others and the removable pot is not obvious to the child so they flush it it like a normal toilet. The flush feature is a big plus for us as it's not a change when they start using the toilet as they already know to flush when finished. My daughter also likes to do this as she likes the sound I think this product is easy to clean especially with the removable pot. I also think the look of it will really help with transitioning to a toilet as it is so similar. The soft closing lid is also great so children don't hurt fingers.

Stephanie: I love this potty and will definitely be using this or repurchasing in the future, my son loves to use it as it looks like a "big potty" he really likes the flush feature, I like that it is more aesthetically pleasing compared to the basic tacky looking ones, the most useful part as a mum is the storage compartment I keep flushable toddler wipes and changes of pants in there so clean up is easy and everything is there for you when little accidents happen.

What changes would you make to this product? 

Katie: I wouldn't change anything about it. It's easy to use, my toddler loves it, mum loves it. What's not to like? My Toddler absolutely loves it. It literally looks like a toilet but just a mini version and I think it's not as daunting to little children as a big real size toilet. Super excited for my Toddler to be nappy free thanks to this potty

Nicole: Batteries for the flush button are not included, I would say a good improvement would be including batteries or having some sort of mechanical sound rather than electrical, so all the features of the Pote Plus can be used straight out of the box. Otherwise, it is a great product, just a little bit expensive.

Stacey: If I could change one thing about this product It would be to possibly include some kind of lights in the bowl So when the flush button is in gauge the lights show up which look like water moving in the bowl to make it more realistic. What’s your head this toilet was easy to clean but if the plastic seat was detachable it would make it easier to wash.

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