Summer Infant My Size Potty Train & Transition Review

from Summer Infant
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance: 

The Summer Infant My Size Potty is perfect for potty training. It has been designed to look, feel and sound just like an adult toilet! It features a flip-up seat, a realistic flush and a place to hold wipes to promote healthy hygienic habits from a young age. It comes in a cute pink or neutral white, is suitable for 18-months-old and has a removable, easy to clean bowl and a clip-on splash guard for boys.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Brigitta: Potty training is quite challenging for both parents and children. As it is something totally new for the child, the process is slow and any kind of help is more than welcome during this process. Well, the Summer Infant potty is definitely a great help! It makes potty training easier and more interesting for the toddler.

Jade: This product is fantastic! My little boy absolutely loves it and shows it to everyone who visits our home. Before this potty, I was struggling to convince him that he should go the toilet on our very simple potty and he could not understand why we used toilets and he used a potty. Now he has fully taken to attempting to potty train because he has his own mini toilet. It’s realistic in the sense it has a flush with sounds too. There is also a compartment on top of the potty for storing wipes so I never have to go looking for them and the seat then transforms into a toddler seat for our actual toilet, which I believe will make the transition in the future so much easier.

Samantha: This product has made the engagement of potty training fun. My son is enthusiastic to use the potty and push the flush. Which has led to convincing him to use the potty more easily. The removable pan is easy to clean and the waste easily slides off into the loo. The seat part is comfortable and my son enjoys sitting on it.



Would you recommend this to other mums?

Alice: I would recommend this product to others as it may the potty training experience fun (particularly the little pretend flush!), and made my little boy excited to use the potty. It also makes the transition between the potty and the ‘big toilet’ seamless, which will be very useful for those who are nervous.

Kerry: Excellent potty not just for transitioning from potty to big toilet, but also as a main potty. My son really enjoyed using the potty and pressing the flush button function on the potty. This potty defiantly made potty training less stressful and more enjoyable. I would recommend this potty instead of a cheaper most common potty as my son took to potty training much quicker using this and wasn't a drawn-out ordeal and he now uses both the toilet and potty without any trouble.

Melvyn: Yes we definitely would recommend my size potty to a fellow friend or parent. We kept the my size potty in the bathroom always and it does not look out of place sat beside the main house toilet. The my size potty is very easy to put together. It is lightweight, yet sturdy and easily transportable around the home. The soft foam topper is comfortable and not cold to use like other potty’s. We really liked that the topper can be used not just on my size potty but also on the main toilet. The topper storage hook clip (is located in the wipes compartment when not in use), is a very welcomed feature as the topper can be stored neatly as well as being easily located when needed. The potty is very easy to clean, as the topper and potty insert are easily removed to clean. There is also a very handy wipes compartment in the cistern.

Would you choose this product to win?

Stephanie: I don't really feel like there's anything quite like this product on the market. I think it should win because it really stands alone in this category. You can buy lots of generic potties but nothing quite like this one. The design is really attractive and my little boy simply loved it!! I would recommend it to all mums trying to get their little ones interested in potty training.

Alice: The product worked well for potty training. I liked how it had a soft top to the toilet seat, making it more comfortable for little ones when they have to wait a while! The flushing noise made the experience fun for them, and the fact that it looks so realistic makes the transition to the big toilet seamless!

Jade: I would definitely choose this product above all others on the market solely for how it looks and the joy it has brought to our potty training journey, which beforehand was not going so successfully. The addition of the realistic flush sound effect adds an element of fun to potty training and my little boy understands what he is supposed to do on it better than with simpler potties because it is similar looking to a standard toilet.

What changes would you make to this product?

Brigitta: There is not much I would change in the product. I was and am very happy with it, and my boy seems to like it too. As I have mentioned above, this product has lots of positive attribution. I honestly can not think of anything else, what I would add or remove from the product. The size, the colour, the quality is perfect, therefore I wouldn't change anything at all!

Jade: The only thing I would change about this potty is somehow making it transportable, as it is fine to just pop in the car boot if you have the space but it is quite large and there are several parts to it. There also isn’t a part of it you can just pop under the pram if you were, for example, just walking to the shops.

Melvyn: Overall my size potty train and transition ticked all of our boxes. However, it was lacking in one area we felt. We would have liked it to have a lid of some description so that our toddler could use it to stand on, so he would be able to reach the sink to wash his hands after he had used my size potty. I do not feel this would be a design floor if the lid is not permanently attached to my size potty as the hook clip could be used to store either the lid or the soft foam topper.