Summer Infant My Size Potty Review

from Summer Infant
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

The Summer Infant My Size Potty is perfect for potty training. It has been designed to look, feel and sound just like an adult toilet! It features a flip-up seat, a realistic flush and a place to hold wipes to promote healthy hygienic habits from a young age. It comes in a cute pink or neutral white, is suitable from 18-months-old and has a removable, easy to clean bowl and a clip-on splash guard for boys.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Annie: I’d recommend this potty. It has a fantastic design and it enables the transition from a standard potty onto a toilet. The product is the perfect height for toddlers to use and the novelty of the flushing sound and tissue compartment makes it fun to use and gives your little one the independence to do it all on their own. The actual potty is easy to remove and clean and the size is perfect for little bottoms. It can be easily moved around the house as it is so lightweight and it’s easy to put together with clear instructions.

Jemma: I would recommend this product to anyone struggling to get their child to start toilet training using a bog standard potty. Children like to imitate behaviour and it was important for my daughter to see how I or their older siblings used the toilet. This product looks and sounds just like a real toilet and can be placed next to your toilet at home for progressive learning. It’s very easy to clean and my daughter found it comfortable to sit on. The downside is the size of the product as it cannot be transported easily or used on a day trip out.

Elaine: I would recommend it because of the novelty. It teaches them to flush, has the realistic toilet seat and is easy to clean. It is sturdy and it wouldn’t spill. However, it might not be necessary for some children to have this over a standard potty.

How did this product make your life easier?

Emma: My child loved the design of the product, the look of it as well as the working flush feature. I think it made her feel really grown up. Initially, she was so keen to go up to the bathroom to use this potty so it helped in encouraging her to go but the novelty did start wearing off. From an independence point of view, my child can use this on her own with no assistance or without climbing on a stool as it stands at the perfect size for her. The removable pan is easier and quicker than emptying and cleaning a standard potty.

Donna: We started potty training our daughter shortly after her second birthday but we are still trying to train her in real pants. This potty has been great since it’s higher than a normal potty and with the added benefit that it looks and sounds like a real toilet. It has made potty training much easier. She asks to use it and it makes her feel more grown up.

Helen: This potty has given us a major breakthrough in training my son. My son took to the potty straight away and was comfortable going to the toilet in it from day one. He really does see it as his own little toilet and he has now started asking for the big toilet which is a great sign of him moving on and leaving the potty behind.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lisa: I like the product and think it has loads of positives. It is a great product for potty training especially at night time as it doesn’t spill or knock over like a normal potty. The flush can become annoying at times and the price is quite high but I think it is a great product for encouraging potty training!

Laurynas: Yes I would definitely choose it. This product is key to independence and being more motivated as it’s like a game to flush the water after a visit to the toilet. It is so different from all others and my little girl absolutely loves it. It is much easier to clean and put under the tap as the bowl isn’t too big like normal potty.

Louise: I believe this product should win due to how practical it is. It is easy to move around allowing you to bring it to different rooms in the house. It is comfortable for your little ones to sit on the seat compared to other toilet training product on the market. I like that it is realistic as it makes that leap to a big toilet a lot easier for the mummies and the children.

What changes would you make to this product?

Annie: If I could change one thing about the product it would be the portability of the item. It is small enough to be manoeuvred around the house very easily but it’s not something you could chuck in your car for on-the-go as it’s not foldable or compactable. My three-year-old wonders why the flush doesn’t flush it away like in mummies big toilet but the novelty definitely aids independence and knowledge.

Donna: The only thing I would change is the compartment at the top which isn’t quite large enough to hold a packet of wipes. It just needs to be slightly wider. If there was a clip to keep the lid down this would stop children from taking the pot out themselves.

Elaine: I think the guard for little boys is quite sharp and it sticks out so this is one thing I would change about the product. I would make the lid more like a toilet so it is better for teaching the child how to use a toilet when potty training.

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