The Potette Max Review

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The Potette Max
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The Potette Max at a glance: 

The Potette Max is your anywhere potty training essential. This full-size portable potty's 3-in-1 design makes toilet training a breeze. Featuring a reusable hard liner, disposable liners, and toilet training seat. The hygienic hard liner is ideal for potty training at home. Simply dispose of the contents safely and clean the potty between each use. Each Potette Max also includes three absorbent biodegradable liners as well as a handy travel bag for storage when on the go. Finally, the Potette is able to securely fold flat as a toilet training seat, giving your little one a smooth complete potty-training experience.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Emine: This product is helped me to use with my toddler for toilet training. It fits on our toilet and good size for her. Easy to use. I found it more usefull when we are out or on the go. The folding legs are usefull as she can sit on it anywhere if toilet is not available. She use it then we empty the cup very easily, and put it in the bag again.

Sikha: As the mum of a recently potty trained toddler, and a slightly older child too, this product is brilliant. We use it primarily as a child seat for the toilet when we're out and about and both kids find it comfy and ready to use. It is ready to clean and packs up really small. The carry bag is useful. We have also used as an emergency potty when we've been caught short and had to pull over while driving.

Carly: It’s making life easier, especially at present with COVID, as I don’t need to worry myself as much with thinking my son could have touched toilet and all the germs around it. With being out with no toilets near, it’s extremely handy to have and the liners make it so much more hygienic and mess free.



Would you recommend this to other parents?

Bethany: Absolutely, I will be recommending this product to all of my friends when they are potty training and beyond as the toilet seat function is perfect for children who are just not the right size for a standard toilet seat yet. It was so easy to use, compact and portable yet still sleek and inoffensive to look at. As far as potties go this one is quite pretty! I love the biodegradable liners for our and about as well, we are eco conscious as are many of our friends and this is such an added bonus for us!

Jennifer: Yes, absolutely. It is really easy to use (takes a couple of goes to get used to how to click the legs vin to place properly but then really simple). It collapses down so small that it can easily fit in the pram or in your bag, and you don't even have to worry about having to clean it as you just throw away the liner.

Zoe: Yes, I would recommend this product. My mum has my two boys a couple of days a week and we both think it’s a great improvement on a normal potty. Using the Potette folded out on a normal toilet, makes a simple migration to a toilet seat when my little ones slightly older without it being too daunting.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Emine: I would choose. I think it is hard days when you have a toddler to teach toilet training. And she was getting stress when she needs to use diffirent toilets. But this one is usefull at home and outside. So she got used to it and she didn’t get any stress while we need to use some other toilet to use. And it is very simple. No need to be so complicated potty.

Sikha: I would choose this product because of the convenience. It is one item that can be used as a potty or toilet seat and folds small so is easy to transport. We now take it everywhere with us. With the addition of the rigid insert, it can be used as a regular potty in the house too or on a break away from home.

Bethany: Yes I would, I haven’t found another potty as yet that the children seem so comfortable with and is useable in so many situations, it saves us buying 3 different products. It is well made and the biodegradable liners are the icing on the cake as a sustainable and eco conscious household! It ticks every box for us, I cannot stress how much we love it. This product should absolutely win it is worth every penny in my opinion, as we are happy parents with two happy children!

What changes would you make to this product?

Zoe: The plastic insert could do with being made slightly deeper as my toddler is a normal age for potty training and I feel that If he were to do a pooh when using it, not over a toilet, then his bum may touch the pooh. He would then probably get up to look what was going on halfway through and may tip it over or things may not even end up in the insert and may be over the floor.

Aurelie: I think that the reusable bag could be more flexible than that. it is currently a hard shell that you cant fold. maybe think about another more flexible material that could help the foldability of the product even.more. overall it is a really nice product for all parents and very affordable price for what it is offering.

Carly: I would maybe say, instead of the travel bag a thin plastic travel box maybe, it wouldn’t need to be large in thickness however a box would be easier to clean. I also would prefer to see a smaller packet of liners, 30 is a lot and they are quite pricy as nearly as much as the potty. A smaller packet of liners, say 15 would be more desirable.