TotsBots Training Pants Review

from TotsBots
RRP £10.99
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by Thought Thought |

TotsBots Training Pants are a great way to help tots transition out of nappies. They’re reusable, reasonably absorbent and dry quickly after washing. The design is attractive and there is also a plain white option for underneath pale clothes.

The pants aren’t at all bulky and with an elasticised waist and adjustable poppers they're flexible, fitting tots of all sizes. They encourage children to be more aware of their bodily functions, which aids the potty training process. The material is soft and the pants are comfortable. They’re also easy for little ones to pull up and down without help.

The service from TotsBots is excellent; if the size you’ve ordered is incorrect, you’ll receive the correct size within a day of notification.

One negative is that the pants may not be able to hold a major ‘accident’; they might leak, especially when very full, which makes them better suited to the latter stages of potty training (when the risk is less) than that first (messy) week. Another con is that they don’t come with instructions (based on the assumption that the pants are self-explanatory), which could cause some confusion – for example, should the product be rinsed before washing (pretty gross) or should it be placed straight into the washing machine (also pretty gross!)? When faced with a ‘number 2’, a parent’s natural inclination might be to put the pants straight in the bin, in which case disposable pants would be a prefereble option.

Overall, a clever product that is fairly priced – not for everyone but if it suits you, you’ll love it!

Product Information

  • Waterproof outer to prevent leaks

  • Pull up with *new* side fastening for easy on, easy off!

  • Stretch fabric for additional comfort

  • Absorbent core to catch little accidents

  • Available in white or 2 new funky Tots prints

  • Available ib 3 sizes (20-29lbs, 30-34lbs, 35lbs plus).