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Baby Jogger City Mini double
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Baby Jogger City Mini double at a glance:

The Baby Jogger® City Mini® GT2 Double has an all new design with Forever Air rubber tyres and all-wheel suspension providing uncompromised agility on any terrain with two. The signature quick fold, adjustable handlebar, and hand-operated parking brake provide you the ultimate convenience while the adjustable calf supports and near-flat seat reclines allow you to find the most comfortable position for your children. Create a travel system with the City Mini® 2 Double carrycot and car seat adapters or customize your ride with a variety of accessories!

How did this product make your life easier?

Lyndsay: With two under two this is the best tandem pushchair I have used, it’s so easy to push, feels really lightweight and not at all bulky and cumbersome, so it really makes getting around with the two little ones so much easier. It bumps up and down kerbs effortlessly and the suspension makes it smooth for the little ones on bumpy ground.

Taiba: As a mum of two it is difficult to take both children out together in a pushchair, sometimes the elder one gets tired too and needs to sit down too. This pushchair is stylish and versatile. It provides a good size pushchair with good usability. There is space to carry shopping underneath and the padding for the seats makes for a comfortable ride. It folds up neatly and is not heavy to push.

Ellie: Having a double buggy has made my life so much easier. Having two children under 3 can be a challenge when out and about especially if we are out all day, therefore having a double pram allows both children to rest if tired. It is lighter than i thought which is an added bonus and plenty of room underneath to put the kids change bags and snacks. The clever design of the pram means that although its a double its not much wider than a single buggy and easily fits through doorways.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Taiba: I would recommend this item as it is a stylish design with lots of space to put shopping. The foldability means that it is ideal for travelling and makes using this very easy. The build quality is very good and it is easy to wipe clean which is really good when the children have been eating in it and this is essential.

Alexia: This pram was revolutionary for me. The ease with which I was able to transport two children round without swapping between single buggy and wrap was great. One of the selling points according to the company is the fold mechanism. The single fold is, indeed, easy to use and the buggy folds and catches closed in a swift single motion. Aesthetically, I think the pram is appealing, There is no colour, but I think it looks sleek. The product feels like it is built to last and seems to be of high quality. The forever air rubber tires and suspension are great and have managed every terrain I have tried with the exception of very long grass as the axel is quite low. The GT2 double has the option to have a carry cot for younger babies (up to 6 months). I loved being able to have my little one parent face in this. My toddler finds the buggy comfortable, although he would like the seat to be able to go a little bit more up right. The buggy manoeuvres beautifully.

Ellie: I would 100% recommend this product to a friend/mum. It has been a life changer and I couldn't imagine days out without it now. It's easy to fold and actually fits into my car boot better than the single pram does! The cover over both seats is also fantastic as it comes all the way down so the sun never hits the children's eyes like some buggies do. There is a flap in the top so you can peak in and watch the children too. It is ever so easy to push and is super lightweight which surprised me as its a double pram but it means pushing both children in it feels like pushing one! I have already recommended it to a few parents!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Annique: I would choose this product in comparison to the previous product I owned, which was a Joie double buggy. I feel that this product feels very sturdy and in turn, indicates that it has been well made. The jet black colour makes it very stylish and for the fashion conscious mum, it literally goes with anything and everything that you are wearing! I think this product should win as it does tick a lot of boxes and has more advantages than disadvantages. It’s an all rounder that you can use anywhere, it’s limitless. I live by the river and it handles incredibly well while maintaining ease of use for me and the comfort, for my children. It’s quick open and close function really stands out for me and the brake being near the handle bars is unique.

Taiba: I would choose this product over some others as I feel that it is a good size which means that it can get through door ways with relative ease, the main frame is lightweight and it folds down well because when travelling and then taking children out it can be difficult. I think that this product is very good.

Lyndsay: Firstly I would now never go back to a tandem where you have one seat on top of the other, I always thought a side by side would be wide and cumbersome which is the case in some makes but not this one. It fits through a standard doorway with ease yet the seats are still a good size with plenty of growing room still left for my 2 year old. What struck me as so much better than any other pushchair I’ve used, tandem or single, is it’s ease and smoothness when pushing it. You can easily push with one hand and going up and down kerbs even with both children in it is easy.

What changes would you make to this product?

Ellie: The only thing I would change on the double pram is the position of the brake. It is on the side of the pram which is easy enough to use however if jogging or going downhill with the pram, the brake would be much more useful by the handles. Other than that there is nothing I would change as I think this is one of the best products out there.

Taiba: If I could change one thing about this then I would have liked the covers to be easily removable to wash as sometimes cleaning is not possible and there needs to be a washable seat. This would make the product much better, also a drink holder would be useful as otherwise things can spill really easily.

Alexia: If there was one single this I would change, it would be the size of this buggy when folded. I loved this buggy so much it caused me to buy a new car with a bigger boot. The pram would just fit in my boot but obscured my view in the mirror and I could not fit in the carry cot or dog with it. I did not have a small car! I have purchased an estate which the buggy fits in beautifully with room for the dog, but I would not have wanted to spend the amount of money the pram costs and then had to upgrade my car. In fairness, this is the only double of this kind that I have tried. I have tried inline double buggies and an umbrella fold, both of which fit in my boot, but no other robust, side by side doubles. I am not sure how the fold could be altered to enable it to collapse small enough while still maintaining the buggy’s quality and sturdiness but it would have been a deal breaker for me if I was looking at purchasing a double.

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Baby Jogger City Mini Double Pushchair

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