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by Nikki Dutton |

Here's what Nikki, mum of Louie, ten months, thought of the Bugaboo Lynx.

The Bugaboo Lynx at a glance: 

Bugaboo's lightest full-size pushchair is designed to make your daily adventures as a parent easier and as comfortable as they can be, from day one. This lightweight newborn pushchair can accommodate a child of up to 22 kg/50 lbs on the seat, plus extra 10 kg/22 lbs in the under-seat basket.

How did this product make your life easier?

The Bugaboo Lynx made my life easier in so many ways! It's been really important for me to be able to get out and about easily with my 10-month-old, Louie, so having a pushchair that could be easily folded, transported and stored away made a big difference. I really loved how quick and simple it was to fold the pushchair down. The catch was really lightweight and simple to use and it folded over really quickly, so no messing about trying to pack it away and worrying about having an impatient baby in the car. I often struggled with the catches on other prams, finding them stiff and hard to use and often ending up freeing one side and then another, whereas with the Lynx it's really easy to use both at the same time. I found the same with the buttons that adjust the tilt of the pram - it made such a difference to be able to quickly and smoothly tilt the pushchair back when Louie fell asleep or make the seat more upright to feed him.

I also really liked how the Lynx could be folded down without having to separate the bassinet from the chassis, as it made it so much more compact and actually meant I had space leftover in my car boot for coats, bags and everything else we needed, rather than having stacks of bags piled up in the rest of the car. However on days where my back was a bit sore, I also really appreciated being able to easily take the Lynx apart as it made it a bit lighter to lift in.

I found the harness really effective as it has four fasteners to strap Louie in, meaning I could quickly get the straps over his arms clicked in, then the ones around his waist, rather than having to connect them together first. This makes such a difference while he's wriggling about, and he looks so comfortable in the seat.

I also loved and appreciated the big basket underneath - I could fit so much in there and the open-ended front made it quick and simple to chuck raincoats or shopping in there and it was also big enough to fit the changing bag in. What gave me even more space was the foldaway rain cover that has its own carry bag - genius!

Would you recommend it to others?

Absolutely! It's sturdy and hard-wearing enough for countryside walks and glides over bumpy ground effortlessly, so I didn't need to worry about jolting Louie awake if I accidentally went over a tree root. And unlike similar prams, which can be quite heavy and bulky, it was lightweight enough to easily lift up curbs and steps. The Lynx is also really handy to use in supermarkets or out shopping as it's light enough to be steered one-handed, leaving your other arm free to carry a basket (or a coffee more often than not in my case!) while still feeling in complete control over the pram.

Would you choose this product over all others on the market?

Yes - Louie was really comfortable in the seat, which is nicely padded and secure. And this, along with the in-built suspension, stopped him from being jostled about over rougher terrain. He slept really well in it too, which was helped by the extra-large hood, which folds all the way over to block out light and sound. I loved the plastic peephole so I could check on him - or check he was asleep in the first place! - without having to stop the pram and bend right over to look under the hood.

The big sturdy wheels were also a plus point as they are made to handle all kinds of terrain and the casing around them prevents mud and leaves from clogging up the mechanism. I have found other brands a bit more rickety and have had to get wheel replacements after a similar amount of use, but there's no such worry with the Lynx. The foot brake is really light to use - I could even press it in bare feet when in the house or garden.

What changes would you make to this product?

Honestly, there isn't really much I'd change. The addition of a footmuff would have added an extra layer of warmth in the colder months, but I found a universal one that worked perfectly. I think it looks really stylish and high-end and I felt really proud pushing Louie around in it. Plus he's always so happy and smiling while he's in it so I know he loves it too!

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Product Information

Pushchair weight: 9.4 kg/20.7 lbs
Age range: 0 months – 4 years
Front wheels: 17.8 cm/7 in
Rear wheels: 28.9 cm/11 in
Capacity in the seat: 22 kg
Capacity in the underseat basket: 10 kg
Min – Max. adjustable handlebar height: 99 cm – 110 cm
Compact two-piece fold: 87.5 x 53 x 31 cm
One-piece self-standing fold: 60 x 60 x 88 cm

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