Bumprider Connect Review

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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

A 'game changer' designed in Sweden - the Bumpride Connect hopes to be a revolutionary way of travelling with one or more children. Connect is easy to unfold or fold together, has a comfortable carrying strap, is easily steered with one hand, fits everywhere and is easily packed. Connect is the only stroller in the world that can connect one stroller to another with an automatic magnetic, patented physical locking system. It features a pre-installed Easyfit fixation system for the Bumprider board, a luxurious material with leather texture for both the handle and the bumper bar and a fully flat laying position for your little one.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Niamh: I would recommend this product to mums of two children who do not take them out together very often. This would allow them to pick and choose when they needed either a double buggy or a single. I would also recommend it to a friend that travels overseas often as this pram is useful for travelling as it folds down to be very small and resembles a stroller.

Sheri: I would recommend this product to an expecting mother as it is very stylish and good to use. It has a lovely design and would be good for any family who is considering expanding their family in the future or who currently have twins! It can be folded into a very small compact design which is great for storing.

Penny: I would recommend this to other mums if they are looking for a lightweight, easy to clean pushchair that will last until they are a toddler. It is great for mums who have one child and will potentially have another as you can get the added pushchair instead of having a huge tandem. It is affordable, is very easy to put up/down and folds pretty small.

How did this product make your life easier?

Penny: I wasn't overly impressed with the Bumprider. It is a great idea that it is so easy to turn into a double, however, for the price I would have expected both seats. It is a very simple and plain design and the quality doesn't really compare to the others on the market. Some cheaper options have a better finish to them.

Sarah: I only had one pushchair so unfortunately, I couldn’t test out the main USP of this pushchair which is the ability to connect two together. I can imagine that it would make life super simple as you have the ability to covert the pushchair from a single to a double whenever you need to.

Penny: This product did make life easier with its easy fold as you can make it into a double if you have the extra seat. It is great for when you have your hands full. It is also light and as I am not very big I was pleased I managed it with no problems. It is shame it is very plain and basic and I do feel for the money there are others that are of a better quality than this one.

Would you choose this product to win?

Niamh: No I would not choose this product to win. Other brands have a better design and contain a more comfortable seat for the child. I think other prams provide more shade for the child, a better structure and a more varied adjustable seat.

Sheri: I personally would not choose this product to buy for myself. I live in the middle of nowhere and I need a pushchair that I can use on all terrains including muddy fields and woods. I don't feel like this pushchair would live up to the durability of an outdoor lifestyle. If I was in a city or town this would certainly be a pushchair I would consider buying and it would suit that environment very well.

Penny: I would not choose this design over others on the market simply because you can get other pushchairs with more comfort for the same price. However, for someone who does need a tandem, I think this is a great place to start. The look of it is very simple and plain black which does make marks harder to see and it is easy to wipe down which for all mums is a must.

What changes would you make to this product?

Penny: I would change some of the material used to make the seat more comfortable. The chassis and handle would need to be a bit more sturdy. If I had the chance to try it as a double, my review might be better. However, based on a single, unfortunately, it did not suit us.

Sarah: The hood on this product was quite flappy and the stitching came loose. I appreciate that in order for the fold to be so compact, the hood can’t be too bulky but I felt it really let the product down. I also found the fold a little tricky to get the hang of but I’m sure that would come with time. I did not like the pull strap mechanism to raise the chair up/lower the back as it takes a lot of effort.

Penny: I would change the price to make it more reasonable. The quality of the fabric and materials used for the hood are very flimsy. My daughter pushed the hood back easily when it was supposed to be over her for sun protection. I would also give some kind of contrast in colour to make it look less basic.

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