Cybex Zeno Review

from Cybex
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by Nikki Dutton |

Meet the Cybex Zeno, a 4-in-1 running, cycling and cross-country skiing, multisport stroller. Suitable from 6 months to approximately 4 years (22kg), the Zeno features innovative ‘ hands-free’ technology, designed to give parents a natural running experience, or they can opt for the conventional and smooth ‘push’ mode with 20” rear wheels and suspension providing excellent performance. Active parents can convert the Zeno into a bike trailer for smooth rides and road trips or even enjoy a cross-country ski trail in the crisp, winter snow.

The adjustable cabin height ensures optimum performance and safety in all sporting modes, whilst the compact fold means the Zeno can be easily stored. The padded and contoured sport seat and ergonomic, adjustable handlebar promises to provide the ultimate comfort for both parent and child.

Here's what Nikki, mum to Louie, thought of the Cybex Zeno...

How did this product make your life easier?

I really love how the Cybex Zeno has running and cycling attachment fittings as it helps me and my partner, Dave, stay active while also being able to look after Louie, 16 months, and keep him entertained at the same time.

I recently signed up for a 5k running race so was able to take Louie with me on training runs using the running adapter, while my partner, Dave, was working. This made my life much easier as it meant I could keep up with my exercise routine while caring for Louie, which gave us more free time together as a family.

Dave commutes to work on his bike, so having the bike adapter means he can pick Louie up from nursery on the way home from work and pop him in the trailer, rather than having to head home first and be much later with the nursery pick up.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Yes as it’s really adaptable and suits both of us as I can run with the trailer and Dave can regularly take Louie out on his bike. It means we can both fit our exercise and hobbies into daily life and bring Louie along for the ride, rather than leaving him at home or having to find alternative childcare.

When running the trailer was really easy to push – even one-handed if I needed a drink or to check my running speed or change the music on my phone – and the handles are really soft and sturdy.

It’s also quick and easy to swap over the attachments so if we were out for the day, we could switch them over and go from running with the trailer to cycling with it within minutes, which is handy when Louie is trying to run in the opposite direction!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Louie was so comfortable in the trailer, he absolutely loved it! The harness seatbelt looked really sturdy and safe and the inbuilt suspension in the trailer and air-filled tyres ensured that Louie wasn’t jostled about when we were running or cycling on rougher terrain.

I also really love the different colours available (we have the blue one!) as it looks really fun and sporty. It doesn’t need any tools to assemble it, plus the wheels clip on and off which is handy for storing the trailer or packing it in the car for a day out.

What changes would you make to this product?

The wheels are fixed in place, which makes the trailer feel a little rigid when turning corners, so adding a swivel function to them would give more flexibility when running or cycling.

Product Information

  • Max. Child Height: 111 cm

  • Weight Zeno (without front attachment): 12.5 kg

  • Max. loading capacity: 34 kg

  • Suitable from 6 months to approx. 4 years (111 cm or 22 kg)

  • Adjustable cabin height

  • Compact fold within seconds

  • Handbrake for speed control

  • Slip-proof silicone handlebar

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