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didofy Cosmos
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didofy Cosmos at a glance: 

The Cosmos is a premium, one-handed gravity fold pushchair with an affordable price tag, that enables you to focus on your baby rather than wrestling with the pushchair. It is so simple to fold it can be done while you’re holding your baby. When folded, it can be stored upright - perfect for compact spaces at home or when you are out and about. It offers everything you need from birth to 22kg, it is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre through tight spaces. With all-terrain, puncture-free wheels, the Cosmos is at home both on city streets and bumpy country pathways.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Erin Fairchild says: This product is good because the pushchair is lightweight and easy to lift. The attachments are also lightweight. The navy blue colour was cute, although not the colour I would choose for a girl. Many of the features are zipped on and off, so can be washed. The food ability was good and it folds relatively small which is good for saving space in cars and home. The wheels look sturdy.

Heidi Gately says: The colour is nice. The canvas is strong. It is light to carry and folders easily. Having a pram like this would be great for traveller as it is smaller than my other pram. The bag it comes in really handy. And the handles are a good size. Would be good on public transport. All in all I would buy this.

Joanne Guy says: We really enjoyed reviewing the didofy cosmos, we have used it outside as well as in shopping centre. Its very easy to fold with its one hand fold system, making life so much easier for a busy parent. Its very easy to push and baby had a very smooth ride both inside and out. Lightweight and excellent fold for storage.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Yvonne Hagan says: The didofy cosmos pushchair represents great value for money in my opinion. It looks good ( in a nice navy blue colour that won’t show up too much dirt ) and offers so much functionality that it’s a fab investment. The box contains a bassinet suitable for babies aged 0–6 months and then an actual seat suitable for older babies, both of which have washable attachments secured with zips which makes the pushchair quite unique. Both the chair and bassinet ( which doubles up as a moses basket ) click on/off simply and easy which I really liked as there was no complex fiddling around necessary to make the transition. My baby seemed hugely comfortable in the reclining seat and footrest and as the chair comes with a rain cover and a mesh cover too, it made the pushchair suitable for all UK weather types.

Fenella Lancaster- Rivera says: I like its transportability, for a mum who drives to a mum that only relies on public transport this is perfect for either. As a mum who does not currently drive I find this buggy to suit my needs. The press button to fold is easy and again, just perfect to store away on the side of your hallway or wherever you have space.

Edrianna Lansiquot says: I would recommend this product to a friend or new mum like myself as. This product was very easy to assemble without needing to ask for help from somebody else.The assembly was very straight forward and the instructions were followed step by step. The base was very lightweight and also easy to attach to the main parts for pushing the baby around. The fact that it is lightweight is very appealing to a maybe nervous new mum also.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Chirsty MacKenzie says: While I liked a lot about this buggy I don't think it warrants Best Pushchair status. - The folding I'd rate above any other buggy I've used. - Though the bench-style seat looks less comfy than the more cocoon-y ones my little one seemed to like it. - I wasn't initially sure of the foot rest but my little one's legs seemed far comfier than in the bugaboo - The styling looks good for the price - The inclusion of a hood viewing window is fab (sadly lacking on the bugaboo) but I ended up using a safety pin to hold it open walking into the wind. A small thing but highly irritating. - The handle height adjusts but doesn't slide in like the bugaboo: an essential on the bus - It has a strange centre of gravity that makes tilting to get up curbs oddly difficult - Its a bone-shaker. The lack of air-filled or rubber tyres made for a rickety ride. The little one didn't complain but I could feel the aftermath of vibrations after I'd stopped pushing! The YoyoZen is the same but far lighter.

Sarah Moorcroft says: No I would not choose it. Although roomy for my baby, I didn't find any other pluses over other pushchairs I have used. In particular the wheels and hood have let it down for me, with the hood feeling very flimsy (although I do like the peep hole!), and the plastic wheels just making a walk very hard work both for me to push the pushchair, and uncomfortable for my baby who was being bounced around.

Lisa Parish says: Ease of folding means that use on public transport would be easy, high quality and hard wearing fabrics, nice strong colour and a good design make this pushchair an attractive option to parents. The price is cheaper than many other pushchairs that offer the use of a carrycot and so this means value for money is easy to achieve.

What changes would you make to this product?

Victoria Rowat says: It feels like this product is trying to be both a stroller and a travel system and not doing a great job of either. The pram feels cheap and plasticky and the ride is very firm and noisy and difficult to manage. The buckles clip together before clipping into the main buckle, which is not as easy as four separate buckle points when trying to get a writhing toddler fastened in. The brace barrier bar can only open like a gate and therefore can get in the way of getting the toddler in and out. A bigger hood would be better for naps, a muslin would have to be used to block light out.

Milena Sheahan says: The fabric is not of great quality. It is durable and wipes easily but it also picka up dust and fluff easily, looks scruffy after a short use. Introduce a more breathable fabric on the seat and hood areas in particular. Especially when used as a buggy for a growing toddler. Another feature to improve is the push handle. It is not height adjustable.

Clare Waterson says: The light weight design meant that it wasn’t as sturdy as other prams. When walking on a sloped pavement, it almost tipped over. As mentioned above, the wheel base is too short which makes it difficult to steer. Additionally, my husband who is taller than me found that he had to push it with his finger tips.