Joolz Aer buggy Review

from Joolz
RRP £389
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by Georgina Terry |

Here's what Georgina, mum of Charlie, 7 months, thought of the Joolz Aer buggy.

The Joolz Aer buggy at a glance

A super stylish, extremely light buggy that folds up into the smallest stroller we ever did see. But all that compactness comes at a cost, both to your pocket and the day-to-day usability.

How did this product make your life easier?

There are no two ways about it: this is a great looking product. I had the buggy plus the cot attachment as my little one turned six months so graduated from one to the other over the review period. Both are compact, slick and nippy. And they really do fold down to an incredibly small size. The cot is especially pleasing to reduce as it concertinas in on itself. The buggy weighs just 6kg and the frame has a shoulder strap for ease of lugging about. If we ever get to fly again, it folds up small enough to fit in the overhead locker of a plane.

I also loved the high handle, the highest one I’ve ever come across and an absolute joy for me at 5ft10. The hood on the buggy extends further than other buggies I’ve used, and is great for keeping the sun out of little eyes, plus for pulling low for naps on the move – more on this later. The hood feels a bit flimsy but the buggy and cot feel more sturdy than you’d expect for the weight.

There are quite a few things about the product that made my life harder, though. First of all, the instruction manual. It is…not great. Okay, hands up, I’m not the most practically minded person but I could not make head or tail of the Ikea-style show-don’t-tell instructions. A step-by-step guide, written in words, would have been helpful. And the Joolz videos on YouTube are also word-free.

Because of this, it took me 45 (FORTY-FIVE) minutes to work out how to take the cot attachment off the frame. I wish this was a lie. When I finally figured it out (hot tip – it releases at the front and the back) it takes about four-five seconds to remove. Which is obviously wonderful. But I’m never getting the forty-five minutes before that back.

I also take issue with Joolz’s claim that there’s “plenty of storage for toys and groceries” underneath the buggy. There is hardly any space for a changing bag, let alone any shopping. It doesn’t come with a bag, so I ended up putting a bag of essentials in a slim rucksack and attempting to fit that underneath.

Plus, and this is a huge one for me, the buggy doesn’t lie flat but just tilts a little bit back. I’m used to the Baby Jogger City Mini GT which is practically a portable bed when you need it to be.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Depends on the other parents. Personally, I’d use this as a supplementary buggy if space was really an issue for me in the car or on all those plane trips I’m taking (I wish). But the fact a baby can’t lie flat in it is a real problem for my lifestyle. But if you’re one of those super organised parents I hear about, who have their children on a strict only-nap-in-the-cot routine, it could be great.

Also, honestly? It rankles a bit that it doesn’t come with much: just a buggy, a rain cover and a bag with a picture of an aeroplane on it. If you want a Joolz Aer bumper bar, that’s £34.95, the Joolz footmuff is £84.95 or an eye-watering £159.95 for the Joolz polar footmuff. Even a Joolz cupholder is £14.95. The Joolz Aer cot attachment, priced at £210, doesn’t even come with a rain cover included – the Joolz Aer cot rain cover has to be purchased separately for £23.95.

It’s all adding up to a pretty pricey piece of equipment.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

As a travel-friendly option? Quite possibly. As my main buggy? No.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sell it with a bag designed to fit in the slim storage space underneath and maximise the room there. Include that in the price of the buggy.

Clearer, step by step, instructions needed both in the manual and the tutorial YouTube videos.

Product Information

  • Age suitability: From six months

  • Maximum Child Weight: 22kg

  • Shopping basket - 5 kg

  • Dimensions: Unfolded: Length - 83 cm, Width - 45 cm, Height - 105.5 cm

  • Folded: Length - 53.5 cm, Width - 45 cm Height - 21.5 cm

  • Weight: Pushchair with cot - 8 kg,

  • Cot - 3.6 kg,

  • Buggy - 6 kg

  • Included in the Box: Joolz Aer, Raincover, Travel pouch

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