Joolz Hub Review

from Joolz
RRP £549
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

The Joolz Hub is an urban pushchair. It's compact yet comfortable and fully equipped with premium features. The compact size, fold, transport lock and carry strap are designed to go anywhere you like, by any mode of transportation. Navigate easily through narrow and crowded spaces with just one hand. The large rear wheels guarantee a smooth ride. The ergonomic seat has six positions (including lie-flat position) to help your baby sleep, sit and snooze in comfort, while the XL sun hood with UPF 50+ protects your little one.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jessica: It is a modern looking pram. It is easy to fold which is a must with a transport lock. I love the carry strap on it, making it easy to carry and it is light. The seat is reversible which is a must for us as my baby wants to look around and face forward. The footrest is adjustable which is a nice and unusual touch. I was most pleased with the sun hood which unbuttons and has a ventilation net. It is the largest one I have seen on a pushchair. It was a little hard to belt up our baby but that means its hard for him to get out too.

Niamh: I would recommend this pram. I think it would be great for a mum who liked being outdoors. The big wheels were great for off-road walking and the design meant that the baby would be comfortable, supported and shaded when out and about. The fold-ability was very straightforward, easy to do one-handed and it was not heavy at all.

Georgie: I wouldn’t recommend this product because of the straps. The good points are that it folds easily and fits comfortably in the boot of the car. It is a stylish colour with a brown leather handle. It has a good shade cover with zip mesh section for increased airflow on hot days. It is easy and light to manoeuvre. Plenty of space in the storage underneath the pram. The handle is very easily extendable for different heights.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sheri: This pushchair is very user-friendly and stylish. It comes in a lovely black colour that is easy to clean and maintain. It folds down easily and is compact. It includes a bassinet for very young babies which is very handy. It has a good sized basket underneath the frame that can be used for shopping trips.

Anneli: The one-piece-fold is good and speeds up getting everything/everyone into the car. The frame is quite narrow so you can nip in and out of shops without hindrance. It has a large well-designed basket to aid shopping trips further and I liked the spring loaded access! The big sun hood is great in hot weather and provides a good cover for sun protection and a sleeping child. I like the peek-a-boo mesh as you can keep an eye on the inside! The design makes the pushchair easy to pull up and the whole buggy compacts down really well.

Abigail: This pram is slimmer than a lot of prams on the market. This makes it easy to move around the shops and on the streets. It is a light pram so it is easy to move in and out of the car and it is compact when folded down. It's easy to fold down and comes with a shoulder strap which is really handy as it makes it easier to handle.

Would you choose this product to win?

Michelle: If I was looking for the lightest and most compact pushchair and wasn't worried about other functionality, then I would choose it to win. However, it's not well suited for taller parents, it doesn't come with a rain cover, the harness clip is secure but horrible to use and the lack of suspension means it is fine on smooth city streets, but as soon as you're on rough terrain, your child will know about it. Overall, the lightness and folding mechanism give the chair less strength and it doesn't feel as sturdy as some others.

Penny: I would definitely consider purchasing this pushchair over others on the market. I think the price is reasonable, especially for the quality and finish of the pushchair which is lovely. I was not keen on the width of the seat and it took me a long time to fold down. Other than that, it is really great pushchair and for the look and price, I think it should definitely be a contender for mums.

Penny: I would choose this over others on the market in this price range because the quality is fantastic. It comes in at a reasonable price for the quality. One thing that stands out was the ease of moving around with it and how the chassis works in crowds. The finish is beautiful with the grey and brown. Any expecting mum who doesn't know the sex of their child would be able to use this.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sarah: If it wasn’t for the fiddly straps that you have to connect before clipping it to the fastener, this pushchair would have got a rave review from me. It was this element alone that made me question whether I want to have this pushchair. It genuinely takes a lifetime to get it right and get my girls clipped in.

Penny: I would potentially change the seat which was quite thin, especially for a toddler. A slightly wider one would not affect the design and would mean you would get more use out of it.

Layla: I would not change a thing about the Joolz Hub. It is fantastic, it looks great and is great! The simplicity of it is brilliant yet it has so much detail in the seat, hood and carrycot! The chassis has a brushed metal which shows no marks and looks very expensive and top of the range.

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