Little Bird Roll Stroller Review

from Little Bird
RRP £140
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

A lightweight stroller to brighten up every journey from birth to approximately three-years-old or 15kg. The roll frame is easy to manoeuvre, with lockable front swivel wheels for a smooth ride across all terrains and a carry handle for easy transport. The padded seat has multiple recline positions and is finished in denim embroidered fabrics, with chest and crotch pads for comfort and support at every stage.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jasmine: Yes, I would recommend this product to other mums. It was easy to fold away and fits nicely in my car. The hood unfolds really low giving the baby good coverage for the sun and the material is easy to wipe down. The pram is also a unisex design which looks great. When out and about with this pram it got admired all the time.

Stephanie: I'd recommend this stroller to a fellow mum because it fits in most cars easily. It's easy to put up and fold down single handed for daily use. It comes complete with a rain cover and an easy carry handle that goes over your shoulder. The stroller is easy to wipe clean as well as looking very stylish and comfortable.

Emma: I think changing from a pram to a buggy is always a shock as they never seem to be very sturdy but this one is great and it is a great price. The fastenings are sturdy and easy to use as well as looking great. The unisex colours are great and the fabric is comfortable. There are not too many crevices so it is easy to clean.

How did this product make your life easier?

Nicola: I found the stroller incredibly easy to assemble/disassemble when compared to other strollers with a similar design. I liked the height of the handles and the detailing on the leather. Access to the basket was very easy along with the ease of strapping my daughter into the pushchair. The rain cover was very easy to use.

Charlotte: This stroller is lovely to look at and it is lightweight making it very easy to load into the car. It is easy to collapse and open which saves time. I imagine that this stroller would be perfect to use when on holiday. My toddler always sits very nicely in it so he must be comfortable and he has plenty of room.

Joanna: The stroller is very easy to push, has a lovely lie-flat mechanism which is perfect when my little one needs to have a sleep. The mechanism is nice and smooth, not jerky, and can be operated one-handed so your little one is less likely to wake during adjustments. It is small when folded and has a nice shoulder strap to help you carry it.

Would you choose this product to win?

Beatriz: I would choose this stroller above others because it is from a well-known designer and retailer and is reasonably priced. This gives me confidence when buying as I know it is from a reliable stockist if anything were to go wrong. The design is really lovely - different yet subtle. As a whole, this stroller offers most things you would look for such as the weight, good foldability, a good size basket, an extendable hood, reclining positions and an affordable price.

Gemma: I think it is much better than some of the cheaper products on the market and is good value for money. It is one of the best pushchairs I have used in this price bracket of £100-£150. It is durable and robust enough to last for many years. It stands out while remaining unisex and I liked the leather handles. I think it should win above the other products for its stability, ease of use, gender neutrality, robust design and smooth ride.

Sarah: I would choose this stroller above others. It has a fun design which is lovely and different without standing out too much. It is easy to use, unfolding and folding are not difficult so there are no frustrating moments when you have a toddler who is itching to get going.

What changes would you make to this product?

Liz: My biggest problem with strollers is the lack of accessories. I find it difficult to go in the bag at the bottom to fetch everything I need. The option of a storage caddy for the handles would be a big plus (especially if it included a drinks holder). I currently use a generic brand one which needs to be constantly adjusted because it’s not made to measure. The option of this and other accessories such as a matching footmuff for winter, so I wouldn’t need to find one or pick up a falling blanket constantly, would make things a lot easier for me.

Jasmine: It would have been nice to have a matching footmuff with this buggy for when its cold. Other than that, it was a good and stable pram. My daughter sat very nicely in it and she felt comfortable. I chose this pram over my previous one as I preferred it. It would be good if it had added extras such as a cup holder and a pocket in the hood.

Stephanie: I would like to see the stroller come with some accessories. The most useful ones would be a footmuff and a stroller bag that matched this lovely denim colour. An umbrella and cup holder would be useful. I can't find anything available that has this design or is a good colour/material match.

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