Maxi-Cosi Laika Review

from Maxi-Cosi
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

Having a smaller stroller doesn't mean compromising on comfort. The Laika is a from-birth, super-compact stroller with a lie-flat position. It's the perfect stroller for a city lifestyle thanks to its lightness and comfort for baby. It is suitable from birth to 3.5 years and features an extendable protective canopy, multi recline positions, an adjustable leg rest, a rain cover and a five-point harness.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Caroline: The ability to use this with a carrycot and baby car seat means this is an ideal all-rounder. It is great value for money as it can be used as an everyday pushchair as well as a travel buggy. It has good shade with the extendable hood and is quite easy to steer one handed, unlike other lightweight strollers. It’s also really nice looking.

Hannah: I would absolutely recommend this pram. It is by far the best pram that I have used and I much prefer it to my previous brand. I really liked the feel of this pram, it felt sturdy and good quality but it was also so light and easy to manoeuvre. I really liked that the handlebar was quite upright as I felt that I was quite close to my little boy and could see him while we were walking around.

Harriet: The Laika is a really smart looking stroller. The narrow wheelbase means it fits easily through tight spaces, such as doorways and shop aisles, making it perfect to use around town. It’s really lightweight and easy to fold, plus the useful strap makes it easy to carry. I found getting it in and out of the car really easy. The extra large hood is brilliant and means that our toddler was fully shielded from the sun even on a really bright day and when reclined.

How did this product make your life easier?

Anouk: The size of this stroller when folded is very small. It fits easily in the front seat of your car/your boot. This stroller is extremely light. The adjustment of the height of the straps was very easy to make and the one-piece handlebar gives the opportunity to easily push the stroller with just one hand which makes lifting up a curb quite easy. I am tall but the handlebar was high enough for me.

Penny: I absolutely loved this stroller! It is lightweight and I am not very strong so to have something quick and easy to fold down and stick in the car is great! I found it excellent when popping out to do some shopping as it is easy to move around the crowds plus quick and hassle-free to get out and set up. My daughter seems very comfortable especially with the bar across the front as I could attach some toys for her to stay occupied. The basket underneath is a reasonable size which made life so much easier when out and about.

Penny: I absolutely love this buggy! It has made lots of aspects of motherhood easier. It ensures my child is comfortable in their pram, even comfortable enough to nap in a safe and secure place. The seat is quite narrow which I think may be a problem as my child gets bigger. However, it is so easy to put up/put down and so lightweight. The weight of the pram is evenly distributed as it is quite long which makes moving around very easy.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lucy: The price of this stroller is great and it also looks very sleek and smart. It is one of the best strollers we have tried. It is definitely a bonus being able to put it up/put it down with one hand. I really enjoyed using this when out and about as it wasn't tricky to push around and clunky like others seem to be.

Paula: It is lightweight and has a good stylish look. The lie flat is great for naps. The ability to carry it with one hand whilst still managing a child is great for city life and for the park. The colour and the build quality are great. I loved the canopy, it is of great quality and the design and extension range was really good.

Penny:  The quality of the pram is fantastic. The grey with the brown looks very trendy. My favourite thing about the pram is that it is it is built to last and my daughter seems super comfortable in it. It is easy to use and for the price, I think are getting an excellent buy.

What changes would you make to this product?

Layla: I would change the design to make the whole buggy a bit shorter and wider, not only to move around more easily but so that you get maximum use when your child grows up. The quality of the chassis and the material used are great. I cannot fault that but the long design is not for me.

Rachel: It needs a protective layer of material at the very back of the pram. Whilst the baby/toddler is lying down, perhaps sleeping, it's easy for a mother to knee their head by accident. There is a fine layer of thin material between the baby's head and the marching legs of a busy parent. This is not a disastrous problem but more of a niggle.

Caroline: The folding down mechanism seems like it should work really well but it was difficult in reality. The concertina idea is a good one but needs a bit of work to make it smoother. It also needs to be lighter to be marketed as a lightweight travel buggy, as carrying this is a bit heavier than others on the market.

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