Mothercare XSS Pockit Stroller Review

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Mothercare XSS Pockit Stroller
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What they say:

“The ultra lightweight and incredibly compact XSS pockit stroller folds so small you can store it in the overhead locker of an aeroplane, or under the seat on a bus or train in its very own carry bag. With plenty of additional features too, discovering new places with your baby has never been so easy!”

Tested by mum Ellie Bates for the M&B Awards 2017:

Would you recommend this to other mums?

I love the Mothercare XSS Pockit Stroller it is perfect for travelling, popping round grandma’s house or having something to carry up the stairs. I wouldn't want to use it everyday but it is so good for occasional use and the perfect second buggy. It folds so easily and is so small it's crazy. It does seem like good value for money and quite comfortable for short journeys.

How did this product make your life easier?

This is great for using with a sling as you can just take it with you just in case. I live on the first floor so I can easy fold the pram and walk up the stairs. I can see that when you have a toddler that this would be great to take out just in case. Is a great buggy to leave a grandma’s as it doesn't take up much room.

Would you choose this product to win?

This product is so innovate and really work well. There is nothing quite like it and it really changes the way you think about leaving the house with your baby. The material is a bit cheap and wonder how long it would last, but for the price this product is fantastic.

What changes would you make to this product?

I would want the material to be better quality and the bag to be more attractive. Other things such as bigger wheels would impact on the portability of the product so it is very difficult to find fault as the overall concept is so brilliant and revisions would impact on the folding mechanisms and cost.

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Product Information

Suitable from 6 months to a maximum weight of 15kg

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