Nuna TRIV Review

from Nuna
RRP £525
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by Mother & Baby |

Nuna TRIV at a glance:

This fully-featured compact pushchair is perfect for city living or jet-setting travellers. TRIV™ is cleverly designed with a seat that can face both ways and fold both ways, and can easily convert to a travel system. The ring adaptor can even fold with the frame, creating the perfect sidekick to your everyday adventures. For a quick trip to the corner store or getting across town, TRIV packs up quickly, folds with one hand and stands on its own, keeping your busy hands free. Proof that great things can come in small packages.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Heather: This product really makes my life easier as a mum who always seems to be in a hurry. I own a 3 door hatchback and have always struggled trying to find a pushchair that would fit well into the boot. The Nuna TRIV, once fully folded, fits perfectly, there is even some room for a couple of shopping bags. I also love that the seat can be front or parent facing, it helps me a lot as my son can change his mind often therefore it's great to have the two options.

Louise: This pushchair felt very light and was really easy to steer even with one hand. The basket was a decent size and easy to access. The back of the seat has a mesh panel which helped to keep my little boy cool which I thought was a really good feature as he often gets very hot in our pushchair (there is merino insert for when the weather is not as warm). The hood provides good coverage from the sun and also has a mesh panel for airflow. There is a small pocket on the back of the seat which I found handy for carrying a little pack of wipes. The fold mechanism is easy to use and can be done with one hand. You simply fold the seat over using the button at the back of the hood and then pull upwards on the strap which can then be used to pick it up once folded.

Zoe: This buggy was beautiful, the largest hood I have seen in a lightweight stroller/buggy which was great for sunny days (when we had them). My daughter really liked the seating position, much more upright than other buggies we have looked at. Having a huge storage area underneath is an absolute blessing for any mum of a toddler - they need a lot of stuff. This buggy has the largest area I have seen on any other lightweight stroller/buggy.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Jane: I would absolutely recommend the Nina Triv to anyone who needs a lightweight stroller or buggy this one is fantastic it’s stylish it’s still comfortable it’s got plenty of padding on the seat and put plenty of comfort settings for reclining etc, I don’t often find lightweight strollers that have multiple comfort settings the are also stylish.

Adelle: Definitely although it is expensive for a second buggy. It looks lovely and handles well plus the fabric seems good quality so I am sure it would wear well. Everything seems to come off easily to be washed as well. It was very easy to set up and put down which is also a big plus when you have a busy toddler.

Amanda: The Nuna Triv feels like a nice premium stroller. The frame is really strong which is important when going out for longs walks through the countryside where you want something that can get over bumps and up hills, without feeling like it might collapse. It's also a great design. Really attractive and high-quality soft fabric material. It folds really easily and is easy to use.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Hannah: This pushchair is great and lightweight so it meets all the category criteria. The price is quite high for a stroller in my opinion as you can buy full travel systems for this as well as other similar lightweight strollers for much less money. It's an attractive stroller though which puts it above some other light strollers on the market.

Rhian: The overall quality of the stroller is brilliant and looks very nice. I think the price is very compatible to similar strollers on the market and actually, I personally believe you get more for your money with this one. The seat is made with great quality materials and the colour is very nice. The handles have leatherette accents and they can be raised for someone who is taller in height and the breaks are strong and secure the stroller in place. I’m very satisfied that I’m able to have an amazing stroller that I can feel safe having my child in it.

Adele R: The only issue that I see with the Triv is the price, for a relatively simple design with very few frills, the price is quite high. It's not something I really expected for this product even with the great quality, I was expecting around £100 less cost price, as you can purchase very similar designs for much less and I think in the current situation, the price is going to be quite a factor when choosing a buggy.

What changes would you make to this product?

Heather: The sturdiness of the frame when going up and down curbs. I'm sure it's thinner than most to enable it to be compact and lightweight however it did feel quite weak/wobbly and I was scared of snapping it when I manoeuvred it up and down the curbs. I did get stuck a couple of times coming down the curb too. If it felt a bit stronger I may not have been so worried about potentially breaking it although I'm sure it was strong enough.

Louise: The back wheels seem quite close together and I found that I would often catch them with my feet whilst walking which was quite irritating. I would suggest positioning the wheels further apart to make it more comfortable to push without having to watch my step all the time. I would also change the brake to make it more sandal friendly. In order to release the brake, you have to push it up from underneath which would be uncomfortable when wearing flip flops. If it was more of a rocking action that would be better.

Adelle: For the money, you would not expect the straps to be so easy to adjust that it means you need to adjust them every time you use it as they seem to move a lot each time it has been folded away. Also, the leather bar seems to mark easily but I have noticed this with a few buggies. No other faults from testing. I am sure it will wear well hence their good brand reputation.

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