Out ‘n’ About GT Review

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Out 'n' About GT at a glance: 

The Out ‘n’ About GT is an excellent solution for parents who require a multipurpose pushchair. Ideal for everyday use with its effortless push, sleek design and lightweight frame gliding around the country or city has never been easier! Suitable from newborn up to 4 years old (approx) and with its range of travel system options and carrycot compatibility, a comfy ride is ensured for your little one. A quick one hand fold and compact design allows for easy handling and transport.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlottle Buckett says: The pushchair is lightweight and easy to handle. It can be pushed with just one hand and the adjustable handle means you can find a setting which is most comfortable for you. The three wheels make it easy to manoeuvre and it is slimline, so it is easy to nip into narrow spaces and navigate around people without bumping into them!

Stephanie Cosens says: I really enjoyed using this pushchair, it was so smooth to push around and was really lightweight. The folding mechanism was really quick and straight forward which made it alot easier than other pushchairs I have used. It made my daily dog walk alot easier, I walk the dog and push the pushchair and it just glided effortlessly which really helped!

Mollie Fawcet says: This product makes being a mum that little bit easier. The perfect buggy for a toddler, fits in the car, easy to put up and down, fits a toddler in comfortably and goes over different road surfaces. We took it out to the local forestry commission and it was a breeze didn’t struggle once with the rocks and stones on the floor.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Celine Ottaway says: It is super easy to put together from the start and really simple to use. It is light weight and a really smooth push. I really liked the design of it and the fact that the front wheel 360° swivel can be lockable. There is good suspension on it, which was good when going through countryside terrain. The foldability was so quick and easy to use – I thought it was perfect. When they say one hand fast fold, it really is. It folds down quite slim, which enabled us to get our dog in the boot too along with other things. My 20month old was really happy in it and was really comfortable. We really liked the brake lever on it, it allows you to put the brake on with ease no matter what footwear (flipflops and didn’t hurt our toes – unlike some other strollers/prams). I really liked the peep hole through the top – my current one doesn’t have one so it was lovely to see my child. The reclining function is quick and easy to use and we found the clip to strap the child in nice and easy to use.

Lucy Parker says: The stroller is very lightweight to push and steel with easy maneuverability. with regards to folding and putting it away for transport I found this a little bit tricky as you need to either lift or remove the seat insert to reach the handle which needs pulling up to collapse it. The size of the stroller is compact - it fits through single doorways easily and also on public transport like buses, especially around narrow seats.

Alice June Pegram says: The frames made of aluminium so its extremely lightweight both with and without a Child in it, and its really smooth. It is dificult to push one handed, and hard to recline or sit up with a child in it, due to its strap mechanism rather than a lever. Extra pockets on hood for storage (I used for phone and keys) is a bonus.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Amy Pullinger says: I wouldn't choose this buggy as my first pushchair but I would definitiley choose it for my second one, once the child is around 1 and a half years old and they are walking a lot more. It's a great pushchair to keep in the boot and to have for longer walks and for the countryside walks. Even tested it out on the beach and it was great.

Natasha Ratcliffe says: Possibly not. Whilst its budget friendly, the tipping issue and overall under storage size would make it a no for us. When my daughter was in it, if she would lean to the size then the buggy would tip with her. Tried to see if there was a newborn carry cot there that can go with it as I wouldnt feel comfortable having a baby so small in it as it is - but to buy the additional element for it would cost us another £180 on top of the cost of the stroller itself.

Charlene Srawley says: If I was looking to purchase a terrain pushchair then yes I would choose this product, it is good value for money, a good size, easy to use and transport and appears comfortable for little ones. The fact it is lightweight and compact make this product even more appealing over other competitors. UV protection is also a bonus.

What changes would you make to this product?

Laura Williams says: I would change the shape of the seat. My daughter was not comfortable. She got upset after about 10 minutes of being sat in this pushchair. She was trying to pull her self up. Because of the shape of the seat. And after around ten minutes she was slumped very low in the seat. The seat needs to be less deep and less reclined.

Charlotte Wilson says: The seat set up (how easy it is to adjust the seat angle and straps) and the position of the bar (far too high) would be the main things id change about the pram. As i said in previous sections, my 21 month old was slumped no matter how i tried to adjust the seat. She also had her view obstructed by the cross bar so i ended up taking it off. So either it is a design flaw or its far to tricky to adjust that no matter how i tried as per the instructions i couldn't improve the position.

Amy Pullinger says: I don't think there is anything that I would change about this buggy, it's great. There is nothing that stands out majorly to me that would need to change. It's easy to set up, to get up, to fold down. There is a range of colours which is fab too. Maybe a bigger basket and a longer hood as the sun can get in little ones eyes.

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