Out ‘N’ About Nipper 360 Double V4 Pushchair Review

from Out 'n' About
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

The Nipper 360 double V4 is an excellent solution for parents with two children who require a multipurpose pushchair. With independently reclining seats and hoods, it can comfortably seat children of different ages or sizes. The Nipper’s 360° swivel front wheel makes it perfect for effortless manoeuvring around town and can then be locked into a forward fixed position, should you wish to take the scenic route. The pedal easy-lock brake and quick-release wheels make stopping and starting super simple. As with all Out 'N' About pushchairs, the Nipper 360 double boasts a robust, lightweight aluminium frame which folds compactly for easy handling and transport.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Alexandra: I would recommend this pushchair because it is good value for money as a lot of double prams are over £1000. This is suitable from birth and has some additional features. Once folded, because it is one single unit, it doesn't take up as much space as other double pushchairs. I think it is great on all terrains. I took this pram down a hilly reservoir and it was brilliant.

Eleanor: I think the best thing about this product was how easy it was to push and manoeuvre with two kids in it. There are times when you need to push with one hand and with many double buggies, this is impossible to do. Being narrow enough to fit through my front door meant if the kids fell asleep I didn’t need to disturb them to bring them in.

Aimee: Yes. Without a doubt. The buggy was fantastic. My neighbour commented on the stroller as she has a double buggy which is heavy and bulky compared to this.

How did this product make your life easier?

Rachel: It makes my life easier as I can have both my boys with a three year age gap in the same pram. Despite the weight difference between the two, the pram was still able to move without it tipping over. It was super easy to push and surprisingly lightweight. Even my three-year-old could push the pram with my six-year-old sitting in it.

Melissa: As a mother of a five-month-old and a one-and-a-half-year-old, I hadn't considered getting a side by side buggy. I was previously using one which had them one in front of another. My oldest didn't like being in the pram, but he loved the side by side nature of this pram. They could both see out and they often slept in the pram. I could take them out to the local parks and the Nipper double v4 is definitely designed to cope with the tough or grassy terrain.

Alice Jayne: It is so lightweight to push, folds down surprisingly small and fits through standard doorways. This is a blessing as I live in a house with really narrow doorways. When my youngest wouldn't go down for a nap, I placed her in the stroller with a reclined seat and wheeled her around the house.

Would you choose this product to win?

Alexandra: I do think it should win. I loved the fact you can move the handle as I’m only short and a lot of handles are too high for me. I loved the viewing slot at the back so I can watch my little one sleeping. The plastic footrest is perfect for cleaning. It’s great value for money and the quality is brilliant. It’s long wearing and will last from birth until you no longer need a pram.

Alexandra: I think this is a brilliant pushchair. It is quite possibly the cheapest double I have seen on the market that is suitable from birth. It is sturdy on all terrains and easy to push. I also think its brilliant that the seats are side by side yet the unit quite easily fits through modern doorways.

Eleanor: I think this is the best side by side model on the market. It is smaller than others and can fit through your front door. It is also very easy to push. My three-and-a-half-year-old was quite cramped and his head touched the sunshade meaning he spent a lot of time leaning out of the side. With a tandem, you get more room for each child and a side by side is very difficult to use on a busy street as you feel you have to push other walkers into the road to get past.

What changes would you make to this product?

Aimee: The wheels. Unfortunately, we experienced a puncture after a few days. I had to take it to the local bike shop and pay for it to be patched and a liquid of some sort placed into each wheel to prevent punctures. We also lost a hubcap so I'd suggest perhaps replacing the air tyres with shock absorbent sponge.

Rachel: The only thing I would change about this pram would be to add two cup holders - one on either side. I'm unsure if this is available but on a previous pram I loved the clip on booster so perhaps the Nipper could introduce this. I would also add an easier way to adjust the height of the bar.

Melissa: The one thing that I would change is the storage. There was not enough and the storage space that was available was difficult to access. I often shop with the buggy so I really need storage space and I feel that the Nipper Double V4 buggy is lacking this.

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