Out ‘n’ About Nipper 360 Double Buggy Review

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Out ‘n’ About Nipper 360 Double
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2015 – Shortlisted for 'Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair' Award!

The Out 'n' About Nipper Double pushchair is slim (for a tandem) and also comparably lighter than other products on the market. The paddle brake is a pleasure and the chairs recline independently. The pushchair folds easily (with clips on the side to secure it) and is suitable from birth to 4 years (although the seat is a tight fit for a child on the latter end of the age specification). The back seat is also quite low and is in permanent recline, which older toddlers may find uncomfortable.

The bar that folds across the front of the pushchair could do with some design adjustment; as is, it must be removed entirely for children to get in and out of the pram safely, which is utterly inconvenient – a mechanism that locks it into place when released on one side would be a major improvement.

The pushchair has no basket (travesty!) and the hood feels flimsy.

Compared to other doubles of this price range, this product seems a lot less sturdy. The large (single) front wheel makes the pushchair difficult to manoeuvre up stairs. Negotiating kerbs can also be a hassle, particularly if the pushchair bears the weight difference of an older toddler and a new baby, for example. But overall, a decent product. Include a rain cover, make a couple of adjustments and the Nipper Double will be an easy spend.

2014 – Shortlisted for 'Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair' Award!

Out 'n' About’s Nipper Double is lightweight and handles well on and off road – on public transport too! The seats are well padded and recline easily. The pushchair comes with a handy bumper bar, which little ones will enjoy holding onto. There are convenient storage pockets all over the place and it’s great that the seats are side-by-side as it makes for easy communication between little ones. It’s also one of the narrower double buggies on the market. It steers well and is not too heavy to push.

The footrest is a bit on the small side (for longer legged children) and the storage basket, which is an extra, is difficult to access and doesn’t hold a massive amount. The bags on the back of the seats are, in fact, a good alternative to the basket.

The big off-road wheels are great (and come off easily for transportation purposes) but are a tad unstable when going up and down kerbs, especially if the weight inside the seats is unbalanced. The sun-hood could be a little lower when the children are sitting upright.

Overall, it’s a versatile, well-priced pushchair and in spite of a couple of niggles is great value for money!


Great on rough terrain, the Nipper is perfect for walkers and country dwellers. This spacious and comfortable twin buggy is suitable from birth. Superb quality model, just make sure you have the space to store it as it’s very wide.

A rugged three-wheeler that maneuvers extremely well – the Nipper feels remarkably light to push for a double, even over rough ground and has air-filled tires – or pneumatic if you want the techie term -so its ideal for long country walks.
The front wheel can swivel 360 degrees for nipping around town or be locked in position when the terrain gets rough.

Handy pouches and pockets mean there is always room to stash spare clothing or nappies

The Nipper Double is not the most compact model, and can be a bit fiddly to fold, but the two fully reclinable seats are spacious, comfortable and suitable from birth. There is loads of storage space, too - handy pouches and pockets mean there is always room to stash spare clothing or nappies. No option to add car seats or carrycots, meaning you can't make a travel system, but this high quality pushchair is deservedly popular and highly recommended for both twins and baby/toddler siblings. Get a tape measure and check it fits through your front door, though, as its very wide.

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Out ‘n’ About Nipper 360 Double

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