Out ‘N’ About Nipper Single V4 Review

from Out 'n' About
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

The Nipper 360 single V4 is particularly nippy thanks to the ultra lightweight chassis, 360° swivel front wheel and rear wheel suspension. The Nipper’s swivel front wheel makes it perfect for effortless manoeuvring around town and can then be locked into a forward fixed position, should you wish to take the scenic route. The pedal easy-lock brake and quick-release wheels make stopping and starting super simple. As with all Out 'N' About pushchairs, the Nipper 360 boasts a robust, lightweight aluminium frame with auto-lock, which folds compactly for easy handling and transport.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Chloe: I would recommend this product. There are a lot of storage compartments on the pram. On the hood, there are two zip-up pockets and there is a basket underneath. The hood of the pram has a flap you can open and a window looking down into the pram so you can check on your little one.

Rachael: This product was great to use in our village. With the three large wheels, it handled all the terrains – from the bumpy uneven pavements to walking the dog in the field. It was light to push and allowed for lots of turning. I liked that you could do this with one hand due to the padded bar that you could adjust to the right height. It is easily cleaned and great for having snacks on the move. The peephole on the top was great to check on them while they were sleeping. It looked very smart and I loved the different size storage.

Sarah: Multiple storage options make it easier to store and access your essentials like phone, keys and purse. The sun canopy is quite substantial which is great for those sunny days. It seems to shade the little ones well so I’m not worrying so much about the sun in their eyes.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sarah: It is whizzy! I could get about steering with one finger, it’s not light or flimsy and it's just so easy to steer! I loved that. My last pram was like a tank and I hated steering it. This one is a dream. I can do everything from shopping to country walks to school runs and it is great everywhere.

Jessica: The product is very easy to push. The pram is very light. It encourages me to walk more instead of driving because it is so easy. I have quite a heavy child but do not notice her weight when in the pram and it is so easy to push. It is perfect for parents who go running and need to take children along.

Sarah: It makes life easier because my daughter actually enjoys being in the pushchair. She usually puts up a fight every time I try and put her in a pushchair but she even climbed into this one herself! The hood is huge so if it's lightly raining I don't need to mess about putting the rain cover on. There are pockets in the hood which means I don't have to search for essential things. It is easy and light to push, even one-handed. It has a good amount of storage. The seat is deep and there is lots of room for bigger children which I loved.

Would you choose this product to win?

Amy: This product is great and I would definitely choose it above others on the market. It is lightweight, easy to pop up and down but also great on rough terrain as it is sturdy. The hood is good and has great coverage once up. The storage is great! The brake is easy to use and it is lightweight. The pram itself is comfortable. My son enjoyed being in there and looked comfortable.

Lucy: For me, the storage is not big enough. The basket is surprisingly small for such a wide frame. I just wouldn't fit everything in it! Being so wide, it is great for off-roading but I don't think it is versatile enough for urban use as well. It is quite bulky when folded so would take up a lot of room in my boot. I appreciate the wheels detach but that is just one additional step that I need time and hands to do! I'd also prefer a less fiddly three-point-harness.

Laura: I personally wouldn't because my son is too big for this particular pram. If I had a six-month-old then I definitely would. I absolutely love the look of this pram and it is good value for money. It's easy to wipe clean and you can see your child well when front facing. It is an all-around top pram.

What changes would you make to this product?

Chloe: I would make the design more modern. This is only if I’m being really picky. The design is not bad but I prefer prams to look stylish and modern. I would also make the material a little softer for my little one to sit in as he often falls asleep in his pram.

Rachael: The size of the buggy when it is folded down is its biggest issue. Despite being easy to fold down, it is still quite bulky compared to other pushchair designs on the market. It took up a lot of space in the boot of the car, which is precious when you may need to get a lot of other items in there.

Sarah: The five-point-harness is a bit fiddly when you have to connect the parts before clicking it all together. If this could be designed so that there are fewer connections to make, this would make getting a wriggly toddler strapped in a lot easier. The storage basket underneath could be a little wider.

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