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by Stephanie Anthony |

The Nipper Single is ideal for everyday use, with its range of travel system options and bespoke carrycot it offers a comfortable ride from newborn to toddler. This travel system-compatible aluminum frame is robust yet lightweight and folds compactly. The handlebar is height-adjustable and the lockable 360-degree swivel front wheel and pneumatic tyres help it cope with all terrains. The multi-position reclining seat adjusts to fully flat for newborns.

Why would you recommend this product to another mum?

Eleanor: This three-wheeled pushchair is extremely light and easy to maneuver, a real delight to push around. The tyres being pneumatic means it can offer a smooth ride for the baby out in the countryside or in the city.  It has a big hood for keeping off the sun and a deep seat for adjustable seat positions.

Jo: Yes, it’s a great pram, many of the features are designed thoughtfully (pockets on the hood for example are great for stuffing things in and having easy access to them). It’s not perfect though and possibly too long/big to be the pram of my dreams.

Barbara: This pushchair is great if you do a lot of off-road, rough terrain travel because the suspension and tyres give a nice smooth ride over bumpy ground. However despite adjusting the straps numerous times so that my daughter sat securely in the seat, the shape of it meant she just seemed to sink into it and end up spending a lot of the time with her feet in the air. The seat is not very supportive when sat, she was very happy sleeping when the seat was fully reclined.

Bryony: I love this buggy.  I walk the dog twice a day around a rural village with hills and woods.  This product was light, maneuverable and easy to use.   I found it easy to put up and down and the adjustable handle and large pockets in the canopy were very useful. On the negative side, the long wheelbase made it awkward for tight spaces and going to the shops and the seating position was slightly too laid back for my daughter.

Christopher: Very easy to push - light but strong. Very light and responsive steering (perhaps too responsive at times). Accepts a big load of extra items - even without the extra shopping basket which you can buy.

Sue: A lovely design - I really like the colour. You get a lot of pram for your money and it has a lot of storage. We go to the park and hang loads of stuff off the buggy and cram the bag under the seat and the buggy's performance isn't affected. It is so easy to push and is very good over uneven ground in the park. I love the pockets in the hood - really great for putting things you need to hand in.

Matthew: The Nipper is an absolutely excellent “off-road”, so if you are looking to be using a pushchair anywhere other than a town centre, then this is the perfect product. It is very sturdy, with large pneumatic tires and spring suspension which means it eats up the uneven ground, and the single front wheel makes the steering precise.  It is attractive (as an off-road pushchair can be) and there is a good range of colours.

How does this product make your life easier as a mum?

Eleanor: Walking along country paths and roads in my area has become so much easier because of the tyres and good quality suspension of this pushchair.

Jo: ​Very easy to push and works extremely well with Lascal Maxi buggy board - the toddler stands within the handles of the buggy and that is always what I am looking for. This pram makes walking around very easy - I can push the pram with one fingertip! I love the wrist strap too. The rain cover was well tested for hours outside in the rain at a children's festival and not a drop of water got through.

Barbara: The maneuverability of this pushchair and suspension and sturdiness is great for all terrains. On the downside, the seat is also very low to the ground and although the handle height was just about comfortable for me at 5ft7”, it was not good for my husband who is 6ft4”.

Bryony: It was easy to maneuver and stable over rough ground.  Easy to fold and very lightweight.

Christopher: I can walk faster and have even gone for a jog with it as it is just so easy to push. I can push it with one hand easily.

Sue: I can take loads of stuff out and about and both children as well - one in the pram and another on buggy board which fits well and the child stands within the handlebars, which is my favourite way of taking my oldest on a buggy board as it feels safer.

Matthew: Out and about, anywhere but in town, this pushchair makes wheeling baby around quite a pleasurable experience.  It deals well with woodland paths as well as uneven surfaces, which as we live in the countryside are common, so trips to the park are no longer horrible rattly affairs.

If you could change one thing about this product what would it be?

Eleanor: I was slightly disappointed by the velcro sunroof fitting, it was a bit noisy when I wanted to open it and see if the little one was asleep. Perhaps a magnetic quieter closing would make a big improvement. I also found the adjustment for the seat a bit awkward as a pull/tie system I would prefer a handle to adjust seat settings instead.

Jo: The folding of it is clumsy and it always falls on my toes. This is a big downside for me I'm afraid - I fold it down and then have to turn it around to get it in the car boot (and I have a very large boot - Audi A4 estate) and then it only just fits. Also, it doesn't come with a proper basket, you have to buy that separately. A big basket is one of the most important features for me on a pram. The net bag underneath the seat is ok but not big enough and the rain cover pretty much fills it up entirely. Going up steps/curbs is tricky as the front wheel sends the pram off-balance as all three-wheelers do (locking the front wheel would help but then it would be harder to push).

Barbara: The sunshade makes a horrible clunky noise as you move it back and forth. There isn’t a lot of storage in the under the basket and considering it is ideal for use on country walks in many other ways, anything in the under basket would get very muddy and wet on a wet day. I personally didn’t like the bright Mojito green of this pushchair, a quick look online seems to indicate all the options are bright. Maybe I’m just not trendy enough!

Bryony: I would make the seat sit-up a bit straighter as it is very laid back.

Christopher: There are some tipping issues on slopes - as with most three-wheelers though. Putting the front wheel on lock helps stop tipping but then it’s not as easy to steer.

Matthew: The Nipper is designed to be an off-road pushchair, and that's exactly what it is good at.  I wouldn't recommend getting the Nipper if you live in a town or want to take it around the shops, even though the basket is quite adequate for that.  It is not easy to fold, doesn't actually fold away very small, and is pretty heavy when it is folded, all of which makes it not ideal for quick trips or quickly switching in and out of the car.

Product Information

  • Size open: 61.5 x 97 x 116cm

  • Size folded: 61.5 x 42.5 x 94cm (wheels on) 48 x 29 x 86cm (wheels off)

  • Weight: 9.8kg

  • Maximum load: 22kg

  • Age suitability: Newborn to 4 years (approx)

  • Handle height: 80cm - 108cm

  • Car seat compatible

  • Carrycot compatible

  • Raincover included

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