Triple buggy: Which are available to buy in the UK?

Triple buggy

by Eleanor Weaver |

If you’ve been blessed with triplets, are a nanny, or have three little ones close in age, a triple buggy will let you push your babies around without the need for an extra pushchair or spare pair of hands. Unfortunately, triple buggies are surprisingly hard to come by in the UK, but we’ve listed those available to buy right now.

If you have two babies and a toddler, you may want to consider a double buggy instead paired with a buggy board for them to ride on. Pick a buggy board with ]( [a seat, and it’s just like having a third buggy space for your tot. It is an easy way to broaden your options.

Triple buggies available in the UK

Kids Kargo Triple Citi Elite Stroller

Best for taking on transport
Kids Kargo Triple Pushchair With Raincover & Safety Strap Reflector Strips

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Perfect for parents constantly on the move, the Kids Kargo triple stroller is lightweight with an umbrella fold mechanic that's easy to collapse, erect, and store. Seated side-by-side, your little ones can sit comfortably with padded seats and an adjustable leg rest from birth.

As well as having an array of safety features, we love that the stroller is arranged into three individual seats with their own canopy and pockets; you can cater each seat to each child and keep their baby bits stored in their own section.

• Item weight: 17kg
• Dimensions: 102 x 70 x 96cm; Folded: 26 x 97 x 53.5cm
• Age range: Birth to three years (max. 15kg per seat)
• Features: Five-point harness, rain cover, reflector strips, three independent hoods, back pockets, rain cover
• Recline: Five positions from lie-back to upright

Pros: Each seat operates independently, lightweight, umbrella hold is good for quick collapse for transport.
Cons: Flimsier design than some others, might not fit through all doors.

Review: "Very pleased with this its light and easy to push. Triplets love it as they can see each other."

Familidoo Lightweight 3 Seater Stroller

Best for storage
Familidoo Lightweight 3 Seater Stroller

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The Familidoo stroller is best suited to toddlers, but the rear seat is suitable for newborns if you have a range of child ages. Across the three seats, the stroller has two canopies, an extremely spacious shopping basket, and colourful storage pockets on the back.

In strong primary colours to engage your little ones, it's packed with safety features that conform with safety standards; a removable bumper bar, side protection, footrest, strong steel frame, five-point harness and lockable foot break for extra safety.

• Item weight: Approx. 24kg
• Dimensions: 96 x 56.5 x 144cm; Folded: 53 x 56.5 x 150cm
• Age range: Six months to 36 months (max. 15kg per seat)
• Features: Five-point harness, rain cover, removable bumper bar, shopping basket, side protection, footrest, large sun canopies
• Recline: 140 degree reclining seats

Pros: Lots of safety features, easy to fold, huge storage basket, lightweight, narrow design to fit through doors.
Cons: Restricted viewing for the second and third child in the row.

T3 Triple Stroller

Editor's Choice
T3 Triple Stroller

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If you have twin babies and a toddler, or just three toddlers, the T3 is a fantastic choice. Tested to comply with BSEN1888 British and European Standard, the stroller includes a five-point harness in each seat, head huggers to protect their little heads, and a bumper bar.

Sturdy and attractive, parents have raved about its ease of travelling over different terrains and its robust nature. And if you just want to use it as a twin stroller or your tot is ready to walk/ run, you can simply take off the front toddler seat.

• Item weight: 24kg
• Dimensions: 128 x 124.5 x 75cm (with toddler seat attached); Folded: 76 x 75 x 75cm
• Age range: Birth to three years (max. 15kg per seat), 12 months to four years in toddler seat
• Features: Five-point harness, rain covers, bumper bars, shopping baskets, adjustable handles, head huggers, pneumatic tyres
• Recline: Yes in the rear seats but not specified

Pros: Lots of safety features, fits through a standard doorway, ideal for kids close in age, sturdy build, foldable.
Cons: Expensive, recline capabilities unclear.

Review: "My twin boys were born when my eldest was 11 months old. The T3 stroller was my lifesaver, without it I would have been housebound for months. My eldest loved sitting in the front seat. It is easy to push, fits through doorways and goes on all terrain. It is easy to fold into the car and for long journeys, the wheels can be taken off and the front seat folded to make it even smaller. The pram attracts a lot of attention wherever you go, my boys loved that!"

Joggster Trio Triple Buggy

Best for versatility
Joggster Trio Triple Buggy

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This versatile buggy can be used for three children with the option to use it in different combinations; the three seats can convert from front-facing side-by-side seats to carrycots, in different numerations. This is fantastic if you have triplets or young ones that you want to keep a close eye on in parent-facing mode.

The Joggster has thick padded and roomy seats to keep little ones comfy, and viewing windows in the canopies and good underneath storage to please parents too. Like the T3, it has plenty of safety features so you can be safe in the knowledge your little ones are protected when out and about.

• Item weight: 32.7kg
• Dimensions: 120 x 115 x 110cm; Folded with wheels: 93 x 115 x 44cm
• Age range: Birth to three years (max. 15kg per seat)
• Features: Five-point harness, separate canopies, storage basket, adjustable handlebar, wheel suspension, handbrake, bumper bars, rain cover, adjustable footrests
• Recline: Yes but not specified

Pros: Excellent safety features, sturdy build, versatile and adjustable design, comfortable for parents and children
Cons: Very expensive, heavy, requires a large boot to fit in the car.

What to look for in a triple buggy

While your options may be limited, there are features worth looking out for to determine if this buggy is right for you and your babies.


There's no denying that triple buggies are hefty pieces of equipment, so it's essential your buggy folds down for storage. Different folds can include an umbrella fold, ideal for an instant collapse to fit on transport, or a more traditional fold that may take longer but is a stronger build best suited for long walks.


You'll be carrying three children, and that's pretty heavy cargo. Therefore, you'll want a pushchair that's lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Triple buggies in the UK range from 17kg to 33kg. The Joggster Trio Triple Buggy comes in at the highest weight and will be heavier to lift in and out of a car.

Age range

This is a key consideration if you're looking to accommodate children from a range of ages, or get the most from your triple buggy. Whilst the majority are suitable from birth to three years old, you'll find some such as the Familidoo are suitable from six months and have upper weight restrictions.


Most triple buggies will have independently reclining seats which are crucial if you’re pushing a baby who needs to lie flat and a toddler who wants to watch the world go by. Seating positions can range from lying down to upright, with some settings in between.

Safety features

To keep your little one safe and snug, a harness is needed in a buggy. The five-point harness is the safest and most secure. In different models, you can also find other safety features, including side protection, a bumper bar, reflector strips, head huggers, and more.

Storage basket

If you've got triplets, there are going to be plenty of baby travel accessories needed to keep them happy on the move. From bottles and toys to nappies, and then there's the space you need for your own supplies and shopping. Make sure your triple buggy has an ample under-carriage storage basket to meet your needs.

Rain cover

If you thought triple buggies were hard to come by in the UK, try finding a rain cover! For this reason, we'd recommend looking for those that come with a rain cover included. Doing this will prevent your little one from getting caught in a downpour and you the hassle of sourcing one independently.


Across these buggies, you'll see a complete range of seat positioning – do you want your little ones sitting side by side, one behind the other, or facing different directions? Some like the Joggster Trio Triple Buggy give you the option to configure this yourself, whilst the T3 Triple Stroller has a jockey seat for toddlers.

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