UPPAbaby MINU Review

from Uppababy
RRP £429
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

Designed to be compact and lightweight the UPPAbaby MINU is great for everyday use or travelling adventures alike. It offers modern conveniences in a portable, lightweight stroller. It has a roomy and comfortable seat which is designed to keep up with your ever-growing little one, a one-handed fold, a large easy-access basket to store your everyday essentials and an extendable UPF 50+ sunshade.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Vicky: I love how lightweight and transportable this product is. I have a car with a very small boot and it fits in with room for all the family shopping. I like that it has a carry bag which I think would be good for travelling abroad. The instructions are very straightforward and it was quick and easy to set up.

Sarah: I would recommend this product for several reasons. It is a nice design and it is very lightweight. It's easy to put up and down and very easy to push - especially up and down hills. I only have a small car but it fits well in the boot without having to take off the wheels.

Sarah:  It is really practical. It’s easy to fold up and down, the materials felt high quality. It had a nice viewing window so you can check on your little one and a handy pocket for putting bits and pieces in. The basket underneath was a decent size and I loved the option to make the hood lower which is something you don’t always find on other prams and means it offers more shade.

How did this product make your life easier?

Nicola: I LOVED this pushchair. It was lightweight, comfortable and so easy to manoeuvre. It was easy to steer one-handed, very easy to collapse and compact to store in the boot of the car. It also looked good and had an extendable bag holder underneath. The hood was big enough to provide shade and shelter.

Pamela: It collapses with one hand, whilst you have your baby in the other which is very useful. It clips straight away keeping it compact and is very lightweight. It has a carry handle and shoulder strap. The useful storage pocket fits phone, keys and a few small essentials. The handlebar is comfortable. The extendable sunshade was helpful in the hot weather. It has an easy access basket which held a reasonable amount. Once or twice things did fall out of the basket as the sides aren’t that high.

Zoe: The main feature that makes my life easier as a Mum is the one-handed folding. It is so quick, easy and literally takes seconds to collapse the pushchair. The compactness of the pushchair when it is folded, the carry bag and handle make storing and transporting easy. My toddler was held in securely and the buckles and harnesses were easy to use even with a toddler who didn't want to be in the pushchair. Being able to access the spacious shopping basket from both sides made it easier to get things into and out of it.

Would you choose this product to win?

Melissa: I would not choose this product above others on the market for several reasons. Firstly, the lie flat mechanism is awkward. Secondly, whilst the basket is a good size it has low sides making it shallow so unless things are all in one bag, they are prone to fall out. Thirdly there was no calf support for your sleeping infant. Fourthly, there was a seam on the underside of the hand bar where your fingertips are and this becomes irritating.

Joanne: I think the MINU pushchair should win. It provides the build quality and sturdy design of a larger pram/pushchair but folds down into a small compact easily transportable size. It is great for travelling as it is light and compact. It is great for storing and keeping out of the way in small cafes.

Sara:  Overall, I was very impressed with the design and accessibility of this stroller. It made things a lot easier for me as a mum of a lively 18-month-old. The product is a slightly more expensive stroller, but you do get what you pay for in terms of the ease of use and practicality. I would recommend this product on the basis of it being a long-term investment for city strolling on pavements. It was not that strong when off-road which affects the value for money slightly.

What changes would you make to this product?

Charlotte: I wouldn’t change a thing about the Minu. When walking on the pavement I could feel the vibrations from the uneven ground in my hands and it did feel a little uncomfortable. The price is fairly steep in comparison to other strollers but it does offer much more in terms of quality and features.

Gini: If there was a way to comfortable way to wear the buggy over your shoulder or on your back that would be really good. Due to the way it folds it was quite bulky using the strap as it hung down by your side rather than going around the back. I would worry about bumping into things and people with it by my side but on my back, I would feel happier.

Nicola: Although the hood did come right over, it still left my son’s legs out in the sun more than my usual pushchair. He’s very fair and shelter from the sun is very important to me.

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