Boots Ear Thermometer Review

from Boots
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

This ear thermometer provides accurate results within seconds and features a simple easy read fever indicator with a handy backlight for night time use. It stores the last ten readings, has a protective cap for hygiene and comes with an instruction booklet to explain how to use it. Ear thermometers are a quick and easy, less intrusive alternative to a digital thermometer for measuring all but the very youngest children’s temperature.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jenna: This thermometer is comfortable when using on baby or child. It is hygienic as it comes with a plastic cover so it can be used on multiple people. It is relatively small and compact as it easily fits in changing bag. It is lightweight, easy to transport when on the go or travelling and comes in a handy case/stand. The temperature is easy to read with helpful 'smiley face' system.

Gemma: I would recommend this product as it is simple and easy to use and the results are clear to read. There is no confusion over the readings as they are shown on a digital display. I think it is important to have a way to check your baby's temperature, particularly when they are young and unable to communicate how they feel.

Keeley: I would recommend this product. It's so easy to use and saves time as you don't need to undress your child and take the temperature under the armpit. I would recommend this product in the sense that's it's light and doesn't take much room in your handbag or baby bag. It's easy to clean so others could use it and it even works great on us adults.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kate: This product is really simple to use. It takes very little effort to set it up and it is very self-explanatory. It measures the temperature quickly which is always convenient when battling an active child. The display screen is easy to read and has a useful backlight for those middle of the night temperature readings. The thermometer can also be a useful tool for measuring the temperature of other objects - which is explained in the instruction manual.

Rebecca: I found it better than my previous thermometer because of the smiley face indicator alone. The indicator made it much easier to establish a fever from just a rise in temperature. My husband could use it which took the pressure off him ringing me hourly while I  was working to ask if the baby's temperature “was ok”.

Emily: I was so shocked at this product. I thought it would be like every other thermometer but I was surprised! It tells you when you last took the temperature which is really handy. The smiley or sad face if the temperature is too high is really helpful too. As a mum of three its hard to juggle everything and remember without writing things down so this product made my life easier.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lindsay: Having used another brand of thermometer I would definitely choose this product. It is more accurate and definitely more straightforward to use. I feel that this product should win. I have every confidence in this product providing a true reading of my baby's temperature.

Jenna: I really like the smiley face system which would also be useful to engage older children. The equipment was very easy to set up and instructions easy to follow. I like the fact that it is lightweight and would be easy for me to take on holiday. I would recommend this product.

Keeley: Having tried this compared to the one under the armpit, I would choose this. My baby doesn't get stressed as that's how she is used to professional staff taking her temperature. It has been a smoothie transition changing over. I would definitely recommend this if you have a child that gets stressed because you can distract them when popping it into their ear. With the armpit method, you have to undress them and hold them down which can be more of a struggle.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kate: I didn't like hard carry case that it comes with. For some reasons the shell doesn't attach to the base, therefore, it is very loose and comes off. This makes it very inconvenient when storing the thermometer as it has to be upright in a cupboard. A case with a secure lid, or a soft case that you can keep the thermometer in may be easier as then you can take the thermometer out and about with you in the changing bag.

Rebecca: The battery case kept sliding off the back when turning the product on and off. I’d also add a bit of colour as the grey and cream may be neutral but it’s not very appealing to children. Changing the colour might make it easier to get the children to accept it being stuck in their ears.

Emily: I don't think I have anything I would change on this product. It's great value for money, easy to use and does the job plus more! I managed to set it up without the book. I'd like to see a lot more marketing of this product as given the choice I wouldn't have necessarily gone for this over other brands as I hadn't heard/seen its benefits.

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