Braun Nasal Aspirator 1 Review

from Braun
RRP £39.99
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by Maria Martin |

When your little one has a stuffy nose, you need to be able to clear it quickly and gently. The Braun Nasal Aspirator 1 comfortably clears congestion with the little design features that make a big difference. No need for manual suction, our battery-operated device gently removes congestion.

There are two suction settings to choose from, two comfortable tips and you can even clean the dirty parts in the dishwasher. Quiet & comfortable, use the Braun Nasal Aspirator 1 for stress-free relief from nasal congestion.

Here’s what our parents thought, read their review here...

How did this product make your life easier?

Jamielee Cowie says: "Unfortunately, the Braun Nasal aspirator didn't help to make my life easier. although it has a good concept I found that it didn't actually work as well as it should have. I had attempted to use the aspirator on both my newborn and on my toddler and didn't manage to get anything out of either of their noses despite them both being snotty. we had tried both suction levels and neither worked."

Alexandra Crew says: "This product is excellent. With my first I honestly couldn't understand why people would use a tube to suck snot out their babies nose but then I discovered this! It's so hygienic, super soft, so easy to use and just works amazingly well. It clears my babies nose really well and the 3 year old also loves this."

Layne Crofts says: "It arrived for me to test just as my daughter developed a cold so perfect timing to give it a real test drive. It's fairly simple and straightforward to use with no complicated instructions. It is useful for the quick unplug of snot pre feed or sleep and didn't generally upset my baby when we used it."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Helen Crouch says: "It is so easy to use. It is simple, gentle yet effective and strong enough making the infant instantly more comfortable. It can be easily and quickly cleaned and sterilised between uses and stored in a pouch which it comes with, therefore easily to transport and keep in babies changing bag. The 2 different sized nozzles make it versatile to use for baby and children of different ages."

Victoria Cumberland says: "I fee the product made a huge difference in removing mucus from the nostrils than the bulb aspirators I had been using. The product is straightforward to set up for the first time, very easy to use and cleaning the components after use is very simple. This is the only aspiration I’ve used that felt like it really removes a lot of snot/mucus."

Laura Danvers says: "The Braun Nasal Aspirator 1 was very easy to use and I found it useful that you could alter the suction power depending on the need. It was also simple to clean and felt hygienic to use. It is small and light and also comes with a travel pouch which makes it easy to carry around in the changing bag if needed. I will definitely recommend this product to friends and family, especially during the winter when there are more colds going around."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Annmarie Davidson says: "I do really like this product! I think it is much quieter than some of the other comparable products on the market, meaning it is easier to use as the baby does not ‘fuss’ so much. I LOVE how easy it is to clean – it is dishwasher/steriliser safe. Also it is battery powered meaning you can take it with you wherever you go. My only criticism of the product is that the first power setting is, in my opinion, not strong enough. However I imagine this setting is for a very young baby and therefore has its place. Finally, I believe that this product is too expensive in comparison to some of its competitors."

Grace Davies says: "This aspirator should not win. I hate it and I am glad the trial period is over so I can get it out of my house. Why is it so strong?? With the normal tube type ones you have complete control over how much suction you are using, and for me that would always be way less than even the lower setting on this device."

Jamielee Cowie says: "I would not choose this product above others because as stated above it just didn't work for us. I believe there are cheaper options available and would be more inclined to buy one of those than spend out on a product that is hit and miss. especially when your child is full of cold and blocked up the last thing you want to be doing is messing around with product that doesn't work as it should."

What changes would you make to this product?

Alexandra Crew says: "I honestly couldn't say anything I'd change. It comes with two sizes of soft adjustments for the end so it can be used for a range of sizes but I think it could be good if it was sold for older children as well as babies. That's the only thing I'd consider, apart from that I wouldn't change a thing."

Layne Crofts says: "I boh love and hate that you can see the results of a suction session! The aspirate goes into a little bulb so you can examine the contents! I found this fairly from but also strangely fascinating. Maybe I would make that a bit cloudy so it wasn't quite so clear to see through. I'd probably also change the price to make it more attractive."

Helen Crouch says: "I don’t think there is anything I would change-it’s so easy to use and clean and sterilise. It’s strong yet gentle and effective. It is simple to use-that my almost 2 year old is able to use it herself under supervision therefore eliminating stress and stress and attempting to wrestle a strong willed toddler."

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