Mothercare Airflow Pocket Spring Mattress Review

from Mothercare
RRP £145
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by Catriona Watson |

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At a glance:

The Individually pocketed springs cushioned by layers of foam in this cot mattress provide superior comfort and support to your child's head and neck as they sleep. The springs themselves are also tough and long lasting, making this mattress an excellent investment. There is a wipeable, waterproof layer to prevent the contamination and deterioration of the mattress' spring and foam core. This Mothercare mattress also comes with a quality cotton blend mattress cover which is removable.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Nancy: I would definitely recommend the Mothercare Airflow Pocket Spring Mattress to a fellow friend or mum because it has a great feel to it. I felt assured my son was having a comfortable sleep. I love that it is made to help regulate babies temperature so that it keeps them cool and dry. I think having a washable cover is such a bonus as knowing it can be easily washed is great.

Jennifer: Yes I would definitely recommend this product to a fellow Mum or friend. I would also buy this product again for any future children. It has a lovely high-quality feel about it. The fact that you can remove the cover and machine wash it is a really useful bonus. It fits well in the cot bed. Our previous mattress feels a little small in comparison.

Jade: I would recommend this product to my friends with children of similar ages as it is very comfortable and there are no hard pieces poking up. My daughter took to sleeping on this mattress very well. It has a temperate control aspect which has been a blessing in the summer heat. It is quite a large mattress so it is difficult to store away.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sophie: This mattress is a perfect mix of comfortably soft and firm to make me feel that it is a safe sleeping place for my baby. There are pocket springs and it feels such good quality which is something I would look for in a mattress for myself. It doesn't sag after my baby sleeps on it, retaining the shape during and after. It keeps my baby cool and not sweaty which is important in hot summer weather to help your baby sleep well.

Sharon: This is a very lovely product. It fits perfectly on a standard cot, has a nice feel and appears to be made of quality fabrics. The cover zips off and can be cleaned which is amazing. Having tested this product over the very unusually hot UK summer I was very impressed with how cool the mattress felt, even on the hottest days. I think this is a testament to how breathable the mattress fabric is.

Payal: Life as a mum is hard and this mattress had a few features which I felt made my life easier. The zip-off waterproof washable mattress top was brilliant, especially in the middle of the night with a sick baby. It gave me peace of mind that the mattress was protected from spills or leaks which is handy if you are planning to pass it on or use for future children.

Would you choose this product to win?

Nancy: I think the Mothercare Airflow Pocket Spring Mattress is a great contender to win its category. As a parent we’re always told to watch that baby doesn’t overheat and not to have too many layers, so having a mattress that helps keep your baby cool and dry is a real positive. I don’t know of many mattresses that have a removable cover that can be washed so easily which is a real bonus.

Jennifer: We had already purchased a cot bed mattress which is memory foam with a cover that claims to have a winter and a summer side to it. I would say the temperature control in this mattress is better. It also fits better in the cot bed frame and seems more comfortable too.

Jade: This mattress is quite expensive. Young children grow up quickly, so the mattress is not going to last them that long. It is a very sturdy good quality mattress but it is quite a lot of money to pay on top of buying a cot and bedding too. The mattress is just like an adults one, it is quite thick and cushioned, which is brilliant. The mattress sheet wins it for me. It is nice to know that my daughter will be sleeping on a clean mattress even if accidents happen.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sophie: I would not change the product. However, I would look around for the best deal as it is sometimes on offer. If it was sold as part of a package with a mattress protector it would be better value for money. This would also entice me to buy it as nursery equipment can add up. Overall I would not change it as that would compromise on the good quality for such an essential baby item that will be used extensively for a number of years.

Sharon: I have no improvements to the product as it has proven itself very well. I would be happy to recommend it to other parents. The price is a little high, but saying that I think I would be prepared to pay the recommended retail price for this product which my daughter and I very much liked.

Payal: If I had to nitpick, the only criticism I could have would be the price. At £145, it is on the upper end of the price range for a cot mattress. However, I would argue that it is worth it for the quality product received. The other issue is with the pocket springs as if one broke then the whole mattress would have to be replaced whereas this isn't an issue with foam mattresses.

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