Venture All Stars Joy baby playpen Review

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by Maria Martin |

Perfect for parents with limited space, the Venture All Stars Joy provides little ones with a safe spacious environment to play and have fun. And when playtime is over, the playpen can be collapsed and popped easily in a corner or cupboard.

Venture's Joy is wipe clean and strong enough to survive many rigourous playtime. Its toughness doesn't make it any less comfortable though, all of the fabrics are soft enough for shuffling little legs and feet.

Here’s what our parents thought, read their review here...

How did this product make your life easier?

Carol Butterworth says: "Fantastic product. Excellent size when built so there is lots of room to play. My elder child always went inside with the baby as it looked that fun. It enable you to do jobs without the risk of the baby knocking something over. My little one has no problems with going inside and I think he looks as it as a den."

Zara Cave: "I felt comforted knowing my little one was In a safe and secure place if I needed to do something like answer the door or do the ironing. There was plenty of room for him to move around and the mesh sides meant I could see him all the time. The All Stars Joy was light weight which meant I could move it by myself too."

Arran Chadwick says: "This product is really quick and very easy to use, which is great when you are a busy parent on the go. The ease of popping this product up is so much less time consuming than builder other similar products. It is something that can easily be taken out with you when you are away from home visiting friends or family."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Samantha Challis says: "It comes in a bag which is easy to get back in after use, we found it really easy to put up and down, it’s a great size especially for outside in the garden and it’s great to know baby will be safe if your garden isn’t suitable for roaming around in. Our baby loved the door that she could go in and out of so didn’t feel confined. The height of it mean that baby couldn’t climb out and let’s wouldn’t be able to jump in."

Latanya Chamberlain says: "I was soo excited to review this product initially as I thought it was going to be a lifesaver and allow me to get things done around the house while my daughter played happily. My daughter unfortunately hated being in the venture playpen when the flap was closed, so I was unable to leave her in it and do other bits around the house. I think if she was younger, this would have been a fantastic product, and I wish I had one before."

Samantha Champion says: "It's portable design means it is super quick to collapse and put away. Even with stair gates in place It's almost impossible to keep a room completely baby proof. The JOY playpen was reasonably quick to put up and away and so create a quick safe place for babies on the move! The mesh sides are good as you can see baby through and easily check on them."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Selina Chan says: "I'm not sure what other products are in the market but I have to say the All Stars JOY is a great product and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it because it is well made, when fully extended is large enough for my toddler to roll around and play together with three other toddlers of similar age whilst being nimble enough in design to fold compactly away."

Sarah Chappell says: "The material within the playpen is slightly padded and soft - great for little ones who are a little unsteady when sitting, or learning to crawl. It is also perfect for wiping clean, without being plasticky and uncomfortable to sit on. The only negative is that the base of the playpen looks a little creased, but this doesn’t affect it’s use or value in any way. Overall, I would not say that this playpen will change your life, but it will certainly make it easier. I would particularly recommend it if your baby is on the move, into everything - and especially if they have older siblings who are playing with toys with small pieces."

Sarah Chard says: "Yes. This is due to the slightly padded bottom, the ease in putting it up and collapsing it, how portable it is and the addition of a zipped door. I already had a playpen produced by a different company and I prefer the joy one due to all of the above. I also feel that the price is very reasonable and comparable to other lesser options on the market."

What changes would you make to this product?

Carol Butterworth says: "When my baby was stood up playing, he tripped up and fell in to one of the supporting bars. He baged his head as he went in to the mesh and caught himself on the bar. Maybe some padding around the supporting bars would be useful. The padding could come loose or already attached to the bars. I know the supporting bars have to be strong to hold the pen up which is why this accident wouldn't stop me buying it. Im sure other pens don't have padding on the bars either."

Zara Cave says: "This is a difficult question to answer as we really like the product as it was. We are currently expecting twins and think this is something we could easily use when they are old enough too. If I was being really pedantic, I’d say it would be nice if the product had a range of colours. The neutral colours are nice but I think bright colours would be more interesting."

Arran Chadwick says: "I can not think of any detail I would change about this product. I highly rate it and I would certainly recommend it to others. It’s a good size for my baby and a few toys. It’s portable and I have taken it with me when I went away for a weekend staying with friends. They loved the look of it and were keen to purchase one for their baby."

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