Vital Baby Nurture Pro UV Steriliser and Dryer Review

from Vital Baby
RRP £119.99
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by Maria Martin |

Vital Baby Nurture Pro UV Steriliser and Dryer at a glance:

Effective and easy to use, the vital baby® NURTURE™ pro UV steriliser & dryer dry-disinfects without using chemicals, heat or sterilising solution, giving extra peace of mind that baby is protected. Using the latest ultraviolet LED technology it safely kills 99.9% of bacteria, mould and viruses, and can sterilise a number of items including bottles and accessories, teethers and soothers, toys, cosmetic products and even mobile phones!

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We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Zainab Jeraj says: As a mother of 2, both using bottles it means I wash and sterilise a constant stream of bottles so anything that saves me time is much appreciated. This steriliser is dry and doesn't require any water, which mean less mess! Even after washing bottles i can sterilise them straightaway, they do not need to dry as the steriliser has it's own drying function. This makes the kitchen less messy and save me time from always mopping up water marks.

Ann Mathong-Morris says: With my previous steriliser (the one where you had to pour water into it) I never felt comfortable with leaving the steamed bottles covered in water throughout the day however with this steriliser it was great that it has the store option as the it acts as a store for bottles too, by keeping them completely sterile for 72 hours as long as you don’t open the lid and it runs a two-minute top-up cycle every two hours during this time. I loved the fact that it dries the items placed inside ranging from bottles, teats, dummies, breast pumping equipment etc. Basically, just place the items in and select what cycle suits you and that’s it off it goes. I don’t also need to worry about cleaning the product with vinegar to get rid of any limescale as it uses UV light and you don’t need to put in any chemicals which is a bigger bonus.

Emma Osborne says: As a mum to a baby we all want to keep them safe and healthy, now more than ever! By being able to properly clean and sterilise not only their bottles/dummies but also their toys etc we can do this. This particular product doesn't require water or chemicals so as long as you have a electric supply you're good to go!

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Zara Perkins says: Yes I would recommend. Its easy to use, especially with not having to put liquids in. Don't burn yourself when you take the items out as no steam. For a steriliser it actually looks quite good placed in the kitchen. Nice sleek and modern design. As its UV it kills 99.9% of bacteria, so very reassuring that bottles with be as clean as can be and any other items that are put in. Especially during this current climate its reassuring to know that a lot of the things can be put in a child mouth can be sterilised properly first. It also has a storage mode for about 72hrs so don't have to remove the items straight away and still keeps them sterile.

Rachel Smith says: I think that apart from the fact it is an extremely easy piece of equipment to use and doesn't require any further products it is also an extremely stylish item and looks great on your countertop. I feel that they've really thought about the shape of the item with it being more square so it fits neatly into corners and doesn't take up to much space. Furthermore it has longevity, not only can you use this for your babies bottles, dummies and small toys you can also put your mobile phone, tv remotes and even car keys in there meaning this could become a staple for your family for years to come.

Lamara Turvey says: I would definitely recommend this product to my friends. It is a very useful addition to our household we find it easy to use and prevents us worrying about if the item is sterilised enough for baby. I would also make sure that mentioned the versatile use of this product to my friends or fellow mum.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Heather Wykez says: There are a number of reasons I would choose this steriliser and dry and one of the main ones is because it has dryer capability., this is a new feature to use and it’s been amazing. I would also recommend as its pretty easy to use and the I love the sleek design. I often travel to see family and then ability to take it with us is amazing.

Zainab Jeraj says: I would choose this because I haven't seen anything like it. Using a UV light is a great and effective concept. You can use it for anything, even mobile phone or keys or anything you want, which is ideal and so so useful especially at the moment as we are in the midst of a pandemic, it can give you peace of mind that baby is staying safe and so is the whole family.

Ann Mathong-Morris says: Yes, its very effective in what it does, is easy to use plus its very versatile its not just bottles that you can sterilise we’ve done dummies, chew toys etc. Also it offers the flexibility of various different cycles to choose from to suit you so you don't have to go with the default setting if you don't want to. I loved the drying functionality as the bottles that come out a steam steriliser were always dripping wet and I had to always manually dry them with paper towels and with this product I don’t need to do. I also liked the fact that it has a timer so that you can see how long is remaining and also gives you a beeping sound when the cycle has finished which is handy!

What changes would you make to this product?

Emma Osborne says: This product has a dry setting which I don't really get. As a breastfeeding mum I only need to sterilise a pump occasionally and then things like dummies and toys so perhaps if I was using bottles it would make more sense to me. However, a 41 minute to dry bottles also seems excessive, I mean a quick wipe over with a dry cloth does the job surely? It's very noisy when in this setting also. The basic sterilise function is 12 mins which is relatively long so maybe a quicker setting. Other than that it's a pretty clever product.

Zara Perkins says: I have found a couple of times the display screen doesn't always work first time you put the lid down so have to lift it up again and re close it. Could just be me or could be a slight manufacturing issue. It does always work though so doesn't put me off the product any way. Just be a bit more reassuring if it never happened. I love the colour with this as matches my kitchen decor but might be nice if offered a few different colours.

Rachel Smith says: The only thing that would make this better for me would have been if it was slightly larger so I could fit more bottles in. I do completely understand why they have made it the size it is as it does look lovely and compact in the kitchen but purely down to how many pieces my bottles break down into has meant that without overlapping I can only get 3 inside and I'd ideally have loved to fit 5 in and believe I would have continued to solely use this item if that had been the case.

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